Welcome to my spiritual world…

I would like to introduce myself before I begin to introduce my books.

At this writing, I am 72 years old, having been born in 1938 in Boston, MA. I started writing poetry when I was in high school. Mostly what I wrote back then was the usual teen-aged angst, and it was generally pretty bad. But I would not be deterred. I continued to write, no matter what anyone said about my work, and continued to believe that the more I wrote (and read), the better my work would get.

Over the years, it began to seem that the only time I wrote poetry – of the same angst-filled misery – was when I was unhappy. When I was happy, I didn’t write at all. This puzzled me, and I began to look within for a solution to this strange effect. What I discovered was that the misery I experienced in my mundane life was the impetus for all my work, which didn’t please me one bit. Reading my poems would give anyone the impression that I was an extremely unhappy, misery-laden person. And I wasn’t.

I had written little poems to welcome each of my children as I carried them, birthed them, etc., and they were joyful. But I didn’t consider them poems, for some reason. It was time for an adjustment to my thinking.

That adjustment took several years, a great deal of introspection and study, and resulted in the birth of a spiritual poet – me!

Now I write all the time, happy or not, but all my work is spiritually-focused. Now I don’t want to give you a false impression. My spirituality is unique unto myself. I call myself a witch, because that seems to be the going description for pagans in today’s world. I don’t actually practice magic very much, so I suppose I could truthfully be categorized as a pagan. I am devoted to the concept of a great Mother Goddess, creator of the Universe.

I am also a second-generation Italian/American, so a lot of my focus is not only Goddess-oriented, but Italianized as well. You will see this focus as my books are uncovered herein.

I welcome all comments and reviews on my work, and will try to answer every email that is sent to me.


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