The Goddess Book of Psalms

My first book was years in production, awaiting my self-confidence. I was certain for a long time that no one but me would treasure my words, until friends began to urge me to publish. Then, of course, I had to find a way to do that. Publishing poetry in the traditional markets is virtually impossible for a beginner (make that, unpublished writer). After a few years of research, I decided to self-publish. And I’ve never looked back, as they say…


The Goddess Book of Psalms

The Goddess Book of Psalms was published in 2008, by I had to create about 7 versions of the manuscript before I learned the process, but it finally came together nicely.

My first review of Psalms came from a friend in Australia, Michael Lee Price, editor of The Cosmic Cauldron:

If you are a Goddess Worshipper, Stregherian Witch, Dianic, Wiccan or even a Gnostic, then this book is a must have. It deserves pride and a place on your bookshelf.

“Not only is it a magnificent book of poetry, but it also can only be described as the gospel according to Patricia. We have all read about the Christian assimilation of ancient paths, traditions and cultures; well, this book turns the tables. It is the Great Mother; The Goddess assimilation of the Catholic and Christian Bible.

“A simplistic wandering through some beautiful prose, painted with loving grace. A powerful praising of the Mother. Sophia would be proud.”

I also received a review from a Stregone friend, James Lilly:

St. Bonaventure wrote a book of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary titled ‘The Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary.’ Not since then has such a beautiful collection of devotions been penned. While St. Bonaventure’s book was written for Catholics it is evident that he perceived Mary as a Mother Goddess. For Pagans no such work has been produced until now. Delia the Crone [my alter-ego] is the St. Bonaventure of our time. The Goddess Book of Psalms is a beautiful collection of prayers, devotions and petitions to the Pagan Goddess. Regardless of your Pagan path, this book will inspire you to new heights of devotion to your Goddess. The book has a multitude of uses. It will become a constant companion to anyone who writes their own rituals. In a world where so many pagan books are repetitious this book will be a true breath of fresh air. No pagan’s bookshelf would be complete without this book.”

I also received a lovely note via, from Linda M. Esler, a librarian in New Jersey, after she had purchased this book:

One of the few things I envy Jews and Christians is their use of the biblical psalms. Most pagan devotional stuff is, frankly, not as good. The Goddess Book of Psalms comes closer than anything else I’ve read to fill that gap. Some of it parallels the traditional psalms, some is very different, but it is wonderful. I finally have a pagan book for my bedside table that I will be able to use for years. Thank you, Patricia Della-Piana!”

You may find The Goddess Book of Psalms, at


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