Devotions for the Witch


Devotions is sub-titled Devozioni della Strega, because I wanted the browser to identify that this book is focused upon Italian (and ancient Roman) worship, for the most part. I wrote this book when I realized that I wanted a prayer book much like the missal I had when I was a young girl, growing up in the Catholic church. The missal was devoted to the Virgin Mary, and included many of the saints of the church. It contained prayers to be said at certain hours of the day, those to be said for special occasions, hymns to sing, a list of the important days in the church calendar, and a litany of the saints to be said with the priest on special occasions.

I wanted my devotional to be dedicated to the Mother Goddess, and all the named Goddesses known to Italians and within the confines of the ancient Roman Empire. Following that restriction, I created a Litany of Martyrs, listing all those tortured, harassed or murdered by the church in the name of witchcraft, heresy or other trumped-up charges. These, again, were those who suffered in Italy, or in the ancient empire. I was able to include the many prayer/poems I wrote for each of my children, and for their daily use.

The book also includes prayers for the dead, within my own beliefs, and prayers to the various ancient Goddesses. Some are my own writing, and some are from ancient writers. There are ancient hymns and new words to familiar melodies I’ve created (called ‘filking’) that I hope you will enjoy.

I’ve received a fan letter from a reader of this book, in which she writes:

“…your prayer book has really struck a cord (sic) with me, it’s lovely. I was also raised Roman Catholic. I think (it’s) wonderful!”

You can preview this book on my website,


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