Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar

Many years ago, before the internet became available, I began to work on a pagan calendar. I worked by hand, drawing out each page, laying out a week at a time, in which I attempted to find a pagan event of some sort to include for each and every day of the year. I failed to fill many of the days, due only to my limited research. But the calendar was a work of love, and began to become more than my hand work could contain. Thus entered my first computer into my existence.

At that time, the only outreach available to the general public was called BBSing, or the Bulletin Board Systems. I jumped in with both feet! But very quickly found that I wasn’t able to gather much more information for my calendar project through that system than I had from my personal library. (However, I was able to find encouraging assistance for the ongoing Aradia translation project, which flourished.)

So the calendar was placed on the back burner. ‘Way back!

For a long time.

When the internet became a friend, I worked on other projects, and then came to remember my beloved calendar. The internet was my savior, offering me so many places to search for information to fill each and every day of the year, including leap year! I was able, also, to contact many living pagan personalities, to ask their permission to include their information in the calendar. Most gave that permission gladly, while others demurred. Some very few never responded, so were not included at all.

Putting the calendar together, albeit in a different aspect than I had originally designed, became a project in itself. I had to learn to manipulate the word processing program I chose to use (WordPerfect), and even then, I had ongoing problems. Some days the software just wouldn’t cooperate, and some days the problem turned out to be the hands on the keyboard. 🙂

The layout of the book proved to be a problem when it came to publishing, as well. I hadn’t yet mastered the publishing software, so that gave me fits for a short while. Through trial and error, the book was finally available!

For now, I will end this narrative, and will add to it as soon as there is news to report on the progress of the project.

And then I had to take it off the market, because I discovered multiple errata in the manuscript, caused by the conversion of my file into the publisher’s workable file. I made those repairs, and made the book available again. But by then, some of the information was found to be in error, or out of date, and I had to take it off the market once more, in order to update the manuscript. Having completed all that, I offered the book again.

Then, I noticed that in just two places, I’d begun an entry, but hadn’t finished the entry, leaving too much white space, and that some of the illustrations were in the wrong place and not easily seen by the reader. At this moment, I am trying to find a way to rescue the manuscript in order to edit and correct those few errata, but the original MSS seems to have become corrupt, causing me a bit more distress. I am determined to find a way around these problems and finally get my beloved calendar into a reader’s hands.

Today,  December 14, 2010, I’m going into the manuscript, manually, hoping to effect the corrections and additions that need to be accomplished so that the book can finally be brought back into production. This will be a difficult process, as the software seems to fluctuate as I write, causing me to have to correct, move on, re-correct, move on a bit further, re-correct once more, etc., etc., ad nauseum.  I’m hoping to have the manuscript completed by the end of December. I will certainly post any further delays in a new blog, and will happily post a new blog when it is completed. Watch for it!!


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