Elemental Meditations

Several years ago, a young friend asked me to teach her what I knew about the craft. I hesitated, for a couple of reasons. (1) I wasn’t completely assured of her seriousness. (2) I wasn’t at all assured of my ability to pass along such important material.

I thought it through, and decided I would teach her the way I learned – more precisely, the way I taught myself.

Lesson Number One was to be the most difficult, because it required complete focus from the student. Any student who wasn’t really serious about learning the craft would be weeded out, and left behind. This particular student never completed Lesson One.

But I saved all the lessons I’d developed to teach her, and offered them to other students over the years. They worked very well for those who applied themselves, and for those who didn’t really want to learn, too. 🙂

Within Lesson One, I’d placed five meditations that required the student to experience each of the five elements of creation – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. These are the same meditations I developed for myself, many years before. They allowed me to know the elements in a more personal way, and to be able to use (or manipulate) them easily in my magical practice.

After much consideration, I decided to offer these meditations to the public. The little book contains only 40 pages, but will help the beginner as well as the intermediate crafter to work more efficiently with each of the elements of creation. They work well for the solitary student, or for a student with a companion to narrate the meditation.

Elemental Meditations

Elemental Meditations is available at http://stores.lulu.com/deliathecrone


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