Voice of the Mother

Once I decided that I would only write spiritual poetry, it came easily. In fact, it came in rushes. There were times, over the years, that I wondered whether I was the one writing at all, for I would sometimes go back a day or two later to something I’d written, and it suddenly seemed completely unfamiliar. This puzzled me. For a long time.

Then I began to see articles and books about the concept of channeling. And automatic writing. It seemed as though I would sit down, with a blank mind, and a blank page, pick up a pen or pencil and the words would suddenly fill  my mind and the page. The same thing would happen when I sat in front of the computer, facing a blank screen. I would put my fingers on the keys, and words would begin to fashion themselves in front of my eyes.

Now, I’m not prepared to say definitively that Voice of the Mother is a channeled work, or that it was automatically written, but there are words and phrases contained in the collection of poems that are totally unfamiliar to me. They are not words or phrases I’ve ever used. I had to look up several of them, just to be sure of what they meant, or whether the usage I’d ‘been given’ was correct.

Voice of the Mother

Voice is definitely my personal view of the Goddess, the Great Mother, and Her feelings toward me and all Her children, past, present and future. I wrote for long days, without stopping for food or drink. I wrote in the middle of the night, when the words craved to be recorded. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Until I had collected 365 of these lovely poems. And then the flow simply stopped. The work was obviously finished.

I invite you to read even a few of these poems, and determine for yourself whether they were mundanely written or they came from some unidentified source.

I have received a wonderful review from James Lilly, who is the very talented digital artist who designed the cover for the book:

This is a book that is very difficult to review. How does one go about reviewing the words of the Blessed Mother Herself!

This is without question the most beautiful and inspiring book that I have ever read. I sat down with the book to read a few pages as I was tired and feeling the tug of sleep. Within a half an hour I was wide awake and in awe. I did not put the book down until I finished it. I only took short breaks to care for the necessities of life.

In this book Patricia Della-Piana delivers the words of the Goddess received through channeling sessions.  The book contains 365 messages from the Goddess. The most beautiful thing about this book is that each message seems as if it were written exclusively for the reader. To me, it was not a book but a love letter from the Goddess.

The Author expressed to me in private correspondence that “Doing this book has assured me that there is a deity watching over us who is simply loving and guiding us, and has no wish to punish us for imaginary ‘sins’. It is my hope that every reader will finally know that a true deity has no need to threaten the faithful.”

I think that this is a very important point. How many times have we wondered what the Goddess really thinks of us and if we have offended her in some way by our human actions? The answers can be found in this beautiful book.

If you are dedicated to the Goddess no matter what the manifestation, this book is essential reading. After reading this book you will no longer be the same. You will come away feeling more loved and blessed than you ever have. Your safety will be assured and you will never feel alone. This book will change your life.

For those who may question the channeling aspect of the book I will say that I have corresponded with the Author for a few years now. I have read countless posts made by her and I can assure you that this is not the words of the Author.

It would be wise to purchase more than one copy of this book as it will be a book that you will turn to over and over again. I have had the book for three days and already I have turned to this book to help me make an important decision. I found the answer that I sought and I am confident that any who read this book will do the same.

Voice of the Mother is available at http://stores.lulu.com/deliathecrone


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