Racking my brain…

Nearly ready to complete a new book, and have no earthly idea for a title. Its working title has been “fairy horoscope” or even “fairyscape”, since it’s a fairy-based kind of horoscope entertainment piece. However, the word ‘horoscope’ refers to the hours, or season of one’s birth, and the word ‘astrology’ refers to the stars and planets. My book actually refers to none of these things. So, I’m grasping at straws in the wind, so to speak.

Or, maybe fairies on the wing…

I’m not at all sure fairies like to be grasped on the wing.

Or anywhere else.

I thought of something like ‘flight of the fae’ but that really has nothing at all to do with the matter at hand. ‘Faith of the fae’ is wrong, as is ‘face of the fae’. There’s always ‘fate of the fae’, but it seems like a tongue-twister, and I’m no good at those (not since I got false teeth!).

Got any good ideas you’d love to share with me? I’ll give you full credit if I use your title – I promise!


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One response to “Racking my brain…

  1. Just to add a bit to the original post. How about:

    F… A… T… E… ??

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