Spells and Such…

I know that many witches in these modern times share spells online and in books, but I’m a believer in a particular aspect of spell-ology. That is, I think that spells, and the creation of them, work better (and sometimes, work at all) when the spellcaster develops them her- or him-self.

I don’t think spells developed and/or written by just anyone, even one who seems to be a powerful, well-read, highly-thought-of witch, will work just as nicely for Jane Witch as it will for the writer. If Jane Witch wants a spell to fill a particular need, she needs to look into exactly what she wants the spell to do, and write something for that need herself. She is the only one who really knows the ins and outs of what she wants, how she needs it to work out, and when and where it must occur. No one else can do that for her.

Anyone can write a spell. Anyone can cast a spell. All it takes is faith in the work and sincere application.

For this reason, I’ve determined that I will not put together a book of spells for publication.

I will also not put together a book describing the meanings of one’s dreams for publication, for the same basic reasons. What your dreams mean to you have specific relations to your own history, your own thoughts and perceptions of the world around you. No one in the world is exactly like you, nor can they determine what anything means to you, better than you can.

Of course, you must do the work. You must look inside yourself for the means to effect a proper spell that will fill your needs. You must seek within for the meanings of your own dreams. Nothing comes easily that has value. Do the work, and you’ll find your own answers, unique unto your own needs.


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  1. Marla

    While I don’t mind perusing spell books, my best results have always come from the heart. I completely agree with your reasons for now writing one.

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