A Lovely Woman…












A lovely woman is a dangerous thing,
especially to the men who gravitate to her.
Such loveliness in face or form,
in mind or manner,
is feared by men as a gallows
from which they would surely hang,
helpless, powerless, unmanned.
Such authority in the person
of a female is malignant,
for it grows wildly in the hearts
of all women, endangering
the domain of men and mankind
as they believe is their natural state.
Such a woman emasculates the energy
that presides over her personhood,
guides her growth,
diminishes her demeanor.
Such a presence in the public arena
weakens it, invalidates its influence,
leaving it open to upheaval,
disorder and confusion,
perhaps even revolution.
Such subversion sterilizes society,
inviting turmoil, turbulence,
and the overturning of all that is right,
ordained as correct,
all for the insistence of a woman’s loveliness,
her power, her status,
her natural state.


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