A Domestic Day

I’m feeling like a homebody today, a bit domestic, and a bit witchy. I’ve been gazing at pictures – longingly – of the house in the movie “Practical Magic”.

I have a lovely Victorian house, but it doesn’t look out at the sea. However, I’m sure, with a bit of imagination, I could convert this place into a more witch-friendly paradise. It would take a bit of gardening to get the outside looking presentable, since that aspect has been abandoned for several years. And of course the necessary home repairs need to be accomplished. But there are five large rooms downstairs, as well as a great hall that connects them, a utility room which will become a half bath, a bath that will be remodeled, and a “dressing room”, which will become a laundry room. There is also a small mudroom, which will be virtually rebuilt, to enclose it, as it’s all screen and very cold in the winter, and the floor is bad. That will become the utility-mud-room. Upstairs, up the lovely staircase, there are three very large rooms, and space enough to build a complete bath for sleepers up there. There is a small porch upstairs over the very large, L-shaped porch downstairs. There is also a small porch at the side entrance, into the sitting room. All in all, there are four (4) entrances into and out of the house! I’m hoping to convert one of them into a window, and then there will be a front entrance, a side entrance, and a back entrance.

(I love the word “entrance”, depending on how you pronounce it. Stress on the first syllable and it is a place to come in, but stress on the last syllable, and it is magic.)

We’re thinking of a greenhouse, but maybe something more like a conservatory, where we can grow herbs year ’round, and enjoy them in the afternoons, for tea. Perhaps a combination of the two.

The downstairs rooms will consist of a parlor, a library, a sitting room, a kitchen and my bedroom, along with the bath, half-bath, and laundry room. Upstairs there will be two bedrooms, a sitting room and a full bath. Of course, all this is in the future. None of it can begin today. Or even tomorrow. But this summer will be the perfect time to start. And I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll be sure to post pictures as we get along with our renovations in this lovely old house. The before pictures will be gruesome to behold, but the after pictures will take those memories away!

We are also thinking of opening a small gift and book shop in the house, and if we are permitted to by the town zoning commission, the library will become the book shop and the parlor will be the gift shop. The sitting room will then house our books and bookshelves. If the zoning commission doesn’t see it our way, we will have to look at some of the empty – and for sale – shops just down the road in town. We are on the main street, so it wouldn’t be far to go to work. (It also wouldn’t be too far from the center of town and the business section – 2 blocks – for customers to find us, should the zoning commission like our idea.)

Our pagan presence will remain in the house proper, actually in the sitting room, even if we have to open the shop somewhere else. I don’t think the citizens of this little southern town in the bible belt would appreciate our pagan side. It could be a business-killer.

We want to be able to hold small pagan gatherings on a fairly regular basis in the sitting room, and give the other pagans in this area a place to assemble and get to know each other. For the most part, pagans are all solitary practitioners, unknown to each other, alone in this lovely southern world. We hope to change that.




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3 responses to “A Domestic Day

  1. Maria Camilla

    It ‘great your idea, my dear!
    I like the organization of the restructuring of your home .
    And I appreciate your work project for the spread of paganism, facilitating meetings and facilitating the inter-relationship. Very nice idea of the library!
    I am sure that your project will have its accomplishment!
    A kiss for you Pat my dear, sweet cousin.
    Your Maria Camilla

  2. Marla

    I cant wait to see our Pagan sitting room all finished!!!!

  3. Charlie

    Sounds great!

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