Preparing for a Journey in the Fall

I know, I know! Fall is a long way off. Making preparations now is damned near silly, if not downright foolish. But as a list-maker, preparation-freak, I can’t help myself!

I’ve decided that we will fly over to Italy, arriving in Rome, then spend two weeks in Abruzzo, and sail back to the USA, which will take at least another week, maybe two (depending upon the ship I”m able to get), arriving in Fort Lauderdale. We will then entrain the Amtrak heading north, and chug home to South Carolina. This will allow for only one personal escort, from the Amtrak station to our home. We can take an airport limo to the airport, and a cab to the Amtrak station in Lauderdale.

Just need to figure out how to keep the cabbie from thinking of us as tourists, when we’re traveling with all our luggage from the port to the train station.  I’ve been warned to beware the padding of the meter, by taking the “long way” to the station, which is a straight shot from the port. Hmmm.

Then there’s the wardrobe to pack. Each segment of the trip requires its own set of needs. For flying, we need to keep our luggage weight down, and maybe even the number of bags. Have to check on that. For the ocean cruise to Florida, we will require warm things to cozy into at night, as well as formal wear for at least one, maybe two, nights.  Then for the train ride, we need to be cautious about how many bags we have stored on the train. They have a definite limit. Perhaps shipping some of the excess home, even before we get on the ship, would be a consideration.

Certainly, I’m planning to ship any souvenirs I buy directly home, rather than try to pack and bring them home with me. I’ll bring pictures, not articles, to save space and weight.  🙂

So, back to the wardrobe. I’m planning to keep the colors to an absolute minimum, so as to be able to pack items that can be worn together in several different ways, and not look like a kaleidoscope on feet! Speaking of feet, I’ve seen advice from travelers that suggest taking 6 pair of shoes – minimum! I may not take that advice. But I will look into purchasing a pair of shoes (at least one pair) in Italy, of good leather! And maybe a new purse, as well. Shoes are my weakness, only because my feet hurt no matter what I wear, and that makes me want new shoes. I seem to have an Imelda in me.

I have one lovely semi-formal dress I plan to take, and will purchase at least two more, just in case. I’d like to bring at least three casual dresses, too. I want to bring a couple of skirts, and 5 or 6 pair of pants. A couple of jackets (I have one already that will do nicely). A coat. A couple of sweaters (I have a lovely, soft pullover, and I’ve seen a fabulous cardigan I want to buy!). I’ll pack several tank tops, just because I like them, even though the weather won’t really permit wearing them alone, and many blouses or other tops. Then of course there is the list of dainties, sleepwear and accessories to include, but I won’t describe them all here.

Now for the colors. I like wearing red, and also black. But when I wear black, I seem to need a touch of white to keep from looking morbid. As a person ages, they lose a lot of their natural coloration, and I have a tendency to look ‘washed out’ these days. So splashes of white to off-set the black and of red to give me the feeling of zest will do nicely. I also love green, and perhaps one or more of my dresses will be green.

I’d like to speak of the semi-formal dresses. There is a lovely sheer black dress in the Pyramid Collection I want to get, that comes with an underdress, and is quite affordable. But I also have a gorgeous dark red – nearly burgundy – velvet gown. I don’t plan to wear a gown anywhere on the trip, but the gown is sleeveless, and I don’t feel comfortable in anything sleeveless anymore. So I’ll whack off some of the length, and create sleeves from the removal. Then I’ll have a dress I can live with. A flashy belt, a bit of sparkle at the neck, and it’s workable! I also have a green velvet gown, also sleeveless, but I’m not sure I can do the same thing with it, because it has some beading and sequin designs down the front. That might cause problems.

I have a great idea for a red dressy affair! PC has a gorgeous red lace top, that has l-o-n-g fringe from the waist to the knee.

This would be great worn with a pencil skirt in the same red shade. The only problem I can foresee is that the top is sleeveless, but if I can find a little silky blouse in the same red shade, I can create a little bolero to wear with it, creating a complete look. The fringe would swing loosely, over the skirt as I move, giving the impression of a fuller skirt. I can’t wear full skirts; they make me feel dumpy and even shorter than I am (5-feet, 1 1/2 inches). But this seems to be a workable solution. And each of the pieces can also be worn with anything black or white.

I hope you can see now, why I’ve had to begin my planning sessions so soon. I will have much sewing, shopping and purchasing to do.



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5 responses to “Preparing for a Journey in the Fall

  1. Marla

    I found an electronic translator at goodwill but have to get it a battery to find out what language it is. Also found an electronic wine guide, but again needs battery.

  2. Marla

    I am planning to make good use of the tans and browns in my wardrobe. Unusual color choice for me, I know, but I feel like accessorizing! I have several pairs of tan and pale gray dress pants and many tan, brown and off white tops. I will be bringing my 2 piece red dress ( the one with the sheer, full length jacket) and ( if I can re tailor it to fit) the lovely skirt I wore for Grandpas wake. I have lost a LOT of weight since then and it does not fit as well but should hang better. I do need to get good walking shoes and comfortable dress shoes since I have none. Not as much of a shoe person as you lol, but I will definitely want to buy a purse while we are there! And LOTS of scarves! Jewelry I can make. I will have to buy a sweater or 2 as all of mine are too large anymore. I am planning to go a bit wild with my jewelry for the trip and will probably wear out my hands with my polymer clay. I am hoping to crochet a shawl as well for each of us. And I can knit you a bolero for your dress. I just dawned on me that I didn’t mail your Yule package!!!! I’ll get that in the mail wed for you. Gosh I’m always so behind! Once I get started playing with my clay I forget everything! But the new necklaces will be worth it!
    Off-topic time!! I will be putting 4 items at a time in my little free store, 2 pagan in nature and 2 jewelry. Ill post the link to the group as soon as the store is up. All proceeds got to the house taxes so hopefully the Goddess will smile on my efforts! I will offer discounts to anyone who sends me an Altoids tin also! I have MANY more things to bake and glaze and package, and am STILL trying to find the short incense sticks that my dollar tree used to have to package along with my incense holders, and need to find my large bag of pin-backs! Anyway sorry for the off-topic, but let me know when I get up there any jewelry you might want as well! As soon as I have more clay to play with I am hoping to learn faux cloisonne! Also once I get there I can purchase some good crystal beads to either string or include in the clay pieces as they will not melt in the oven. And I believe I have a pair of your earrings here ( frogs on lily pads) that need clip-ons. But for accessories, think necklaces, bracelets, pins, shawl and scarf pins, earrings and hair ornaments. I am out of both red and black clay at the moment but will buy more soon and make one of my wonderful new necklaces for your color scheme. Also I want to bring some small gifts of clay to Maria, so I will have to try and hint around at what is her favorite color to wear. Sadly I have not done any work on my fairy armature yet as this new stuff to sell has had all my attention, but it is still floating on the list in my mind. Oohhh hat pins!! hmmm have to find blank pins for that….. Planning a simple set of Goddess prayer beads. I think 3 beads sets with separator in between, for when I just want to do a simple chant, and string them as a bracelet on elastic so they are easy to remove for prayer. What do you think?
    Oops there I go off topic again! Sorry.
    Anyway as for the trip thanks to Val I have a complete set of luggage so I don’t have to buy any! I DO want to buy a good camera though!
    Well I have to get dressed for work, you have a great day!

    • Nice. I’ve just ordered two electronic, hand-held translators. One is a bit more intense than the other, so we’ll see which one is for whom, when you come. I’ll be trying them out until that time, just to be sure they work properly! 🙂

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