The Witch’s Ball!!!

I’m SO excited! The petticoats just arrived for my costume for the Witch’s Ball in April down in Florida! I plan to be dressed as Calendimaggio – the first day of May – since the Ball is being held on the eve of May. In the Celtic calendar, that would be Beltane, but for me it’s Calendimaggio.

Here’s a picture of the costume that inspired me…








Of course my dress won’t look exactly like that! My sleeves will actually be leaves, and form a kind of ‘cap’ sleeve. And the bodice is a simple, dark green iridescent taffeta bodice, with a zipper up the back. It comes to a point in the front, but the sides and back are waist length. From the waist, I will create green taffeta leaves to fall atop the blossom which is the skirt. As for the skirt, mine will be tea length (to mid-calf), and the colors will be reversed from what is seen in the picture. I’ll have yellow at the bottom, orange above it, and a gorgeous raspberry at the top.

Haven’t quite worked out the treatment of my legs yet. I could do green tights, or even yellow, but haven’t decided. The shoes will be flat, covered with silk leaves.

My head will wear a wig, infested with blossoms of every kind I can get my hands on! And of course there must be a mask – it is a masquerade, after all! I’m also planning a little purse to carry any essentials, which will be rather fairy-looking, but the design isn’t nailed down yet.

I’m also tossing around the concept of adding boning to the bodice, just because. Not positive that it will be comfy to wear, but it would look good, no?

I’m open to ideas for the purse and suggestions for the leg treatment. I’ll have pictures to share, after the Ball!




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2 responses to “The Witch’s Ball!!!

  1. Avonelle

    O! It sounds simply and delighfully whimsical! Cannot WAIT to see pics!!! Do Enjoy! The crafting AND the wearing!

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