Page Numbering, the devil’s delight

I’m in the process of organizing the pages of the next book that will become available – the ritual book. It presents several problems, for a non-techie like me. Probably not a biggie for those of you who are well-versed in the technological aspects of word processing, but I’m slogging here!

First problem is that the initial pages have no page numbers at all – at least not that are to be printed on the pages. I just didn’t want to mess around with italic-numbered pages and then switch the value and the style of numbers when I get to the meat of the manuscript. So I’ve left the first few pages un-numbered completely. However, the word processor program I’m using (WordPerfect) numbers them.

The reason this becomes a problem is that when I tell the file to go to page number, say, 32, it goes to the page 32 that WP knows is there, and not the page 32 that I’ve numbered as such. My page numbers actually begin with number 1, but it starts around page 14. I keep forgetting to tell the file to go to the text “32”, not the page number, which would solve all my problems.

This really messes up the Table of Contents, which I’ve now re-done at least 4 times, and the Index, which I’ve done over 3 times. I’m taking a rest, and making a sign to stick on my monitor reminding me to ask for the text, not the page number, before I attack it again. Hopefully, once more around the park will suffice! 🙂


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