Update on the Witches’ Ball Costume…

I’m still messing around with the skirt portion of the dress, which is a bit confusing to create. The skirt needs to stick almost straight out right at the waist, and it needs to reach down to just below my knee caps. So it’s a bit of a worry getting all the layers lined up correctly, so it doesn’t seem patchy. It won’t be smooth like in the picture, because they used a single layer on top that combined all the colors, and I’m doing my skirt in different colored layers. Saves money.

I’ve made the purse. At least the basic purse. Which is a small open box, covered in the same green taffeta that the bodice is made from, and has a green taffeta drawstring bag inside the box, which can tuck into the box when it’s being carried. There is a green fabric shoulder strap for carrying. As soon as I get to a store to get some fabri-tac (fabric glue), I’ll begin decorating the exterior with silk leaves. Not an all-over decoration, just a haphazard border along the top. I covered the inside and the outside of the box with bubble wrap before applying the fabric, because I didn’t want to hear stuff inside the purse going ‘thunk’ when they move around.

Purchased and received green tights – an olive green color, so they won’t overpower the gorgeous taffeta. Besides, the silk leaves on the purse are about that shade of green, and so are the ones that will cover my shoes. I’ve ordered fabric paint to cover the firm portions of my hot pink shoes, and I have to get some good green dye to dye the softer parts, before I start applying the leaves.

The wig company has informed me that the wig is on the way. Once it’s here, I need to get a MESS of small, colorful flowers that I can super-glue or hot-glue to small hair clips or even small colorful barrettes so the flowers in the hair will be removable.  I’m paying a lot for the wig, although it’s not human hair, and don’t want to ruin it for this one wearing.

I also have to cut the lining pieces for the bodice. I’d put that off while I decided whether to add boning or not. My decision is NOT. I’m opting for comfort, rather than perfection. [story of my life – :)]






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