I want to be certain to tell you that I am one of the sponsors of the Southeast Witches Ball in Pinellas Park, Florida to be held on April 30 this year. As a sponsor, I have put together a gift basket of all my published books, along with a few other goodies, which will be drawn as a door prize for some fortunate masquerader! I’m hoping against hope that the newest book, A Strega’s Grimoire: The Rituals, will be included in that basket, but the cover work is taking a bit longer than I expected. I know it will be wonderful when it’s completed, so it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, I haven’t been sitting idly by. I’ve revamped the interior of the book, to permit appendices that offer recipes, crafts and notations to benefit the rituals included. If the book isn’t on the market by April 30, I will be sure to include a certificate for a free copy of the book in the gift basket.

I’ve been slaving away at my costume for the Masquerade, and I’m hoping that there will be many others in costume at the ball. I’d really hate to be the only one showing up in costume. Seems like I’ve seen a cartoon like that once, and it wasn’t all that funny. 😦

My sweet illustrator for the Fairy book is taking her time, creating the most gorgeous pictures to demonstrate the text. I couldn’t have chosen better for the work!Alison is one in a million. No matter how much longer it takes, I’ll be thrilled!!

I’m also avidly collecting poetry and essays for the book about the burning times – although it also will include events I would call the hanging times, or even the drowning times, or the dying in a prison cell times. And then there were the accused who suffered extraordinarily but were not put to death, and their punishments did not bring about their death. All that suffering will be exposed, because if we don’t remember it, we will be doomed to repeat it.  There are a couple of poets I’ve been trying to reach, as I’ve seen their work, and would like to include it in the book, but haven’t been able to hear from them (and some seem to move around so much I can’t get a fix on a working email address for them). If you are known to any of the following poets, please let me know, or at least, let them know I’m interested in their work.

Alastair Adamson

Amy Stuart

Ashley Burnam

Caroline Kenner

Garret Hollis Andrews

Gwendalyn Wolfrose


J. Howard

Michael Anderson

Wandy Sae-tan

For some of these artists, I have only seen one piece of work, but would welcome more along the same lines. I have attempted to contact each and every one, but they are elusive poets. 🙂





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2 responses to “Miscellanea….

  1. Leandro Della Piana

    Kudos for your courage to get totally immersed in your “thing”,,, your new book sounds exciting,,, nothing like a bunch of poets to get into the nitty and the gritty of a matter,,, good luck and best witches,,,

  2. Tammy Horne

    I have two ancestors who were accused of witchcraft way back. I haven’t done enough digging to see if they were burned or hung. I love digging up family facts about stuff like that.

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