The Shoes and Purse are Done!

First let me tell you about the purse. I decided I liked a purse big enough to hold money, debit card, ID, and whatever else is required, along with my business cards to rain upon people I meet. So I went with a box-style purse. Started with a small cardboard box, and made it a bit smaller, taped it up nicely. Then fitted the inside with bubble wrap, because I wanted to soundproof it a bit. (Don’t want to hear a clunking sound.) Made a green taffeta skin for the outside, but it didn’t look right, so I padded the outside with bubble wrap, too, and refit the skin, to make it look better. Now it almost looked quilted. Made a green taffeta drawstring bag to fit inside the box, and attached it all around to the outside skin. So all the bubble wrap is enclosed and secure. And the whole thing is green taffeta. (That’s the same fabric my bodice is made of, by the way.)

Then I found some gorgeous green satin ribbon that’s pleated in a great way, and used it to make a channel for a piece of beading wire for the handle, and sewed it on to the box. At this point, I was anxious to get the leaves on it, so I sewed on and glued on silk leaves of several kinds, all around the top, in about 3 tiers. Not all the way to the bottom of the purse, just enough to get the idea across. Then I lost my mind.

For some stupid reason I cut the handle in half.

Of course, I could have just made a new one, removed the damaged one, and attached the new one. But that seemed like repetitious work, which I’m not into. So, I mended the two halves together and applied a silk flower at the joining point. I’m considering adding a tiny center to the flower which will hold scent. Maybe – maybe not.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the purse – finished!



Then the shoes. They were a pair of sweet sling-back flats I’ve worn for a few years, but they were hot pink! The toe section is elasticized and very comfortable to wear. I didn’t want something new that I’d have to break in. I got some green fabric paint and painted the sole edge and the elasticized toe section. It took pretty well, so I went on and painted the elastic strap at the back as well. I only did the painting on the outside, where it will show. And I painted the back half of the insole, because when you walk in a sling-back, your foot lifts up and displays the insole, which would still have been hot pink. Not that I’m against the pink, mind you, but too much of a good thing – know what I mean?  This way, whatever amount of pink shows through will be ok with me, and will set off the costume anyway.

Then, of course I had to apply leaves, so it looks right. I had about 3-4 different styles of silk leaves and I sewed them on. Didn’t want to be molting leaves all over the dance floor at the ball, when the glue gave out in the Florida heat. ?)

I think they look pretty cool, and most of the leaves are an olive-tone, which is the same color as my tights. Here’s a pic.



So, what do you think, folks? Will I look like the First day of May?



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4 responses to “The Shoes and Purse are Done!

  1. Avonelle

    I am very impressed with the work and LOVE the pics! Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to ‘see’ the entire ensemble once you’ve finished!!! Surely, you’ll be the belle of the ball!

  2. Leandro Della Piana

    Nice work,,,

  3. hospiceclown

    Can’t wait to see the end result!

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