Sicko here, posting to stay awake

I’m enjoying the throes of a vicious sore throat these days, and medicating nicely for it. Unfortunately, although the meds state they are non-drowsy, they do tend to make me a bit sleepy. And all my life, I’ve been unable to sleep during the daytime, unless I’m terribly sick. So the fact that, once I lay down, my eyes flash open, as if to wonder, “What on earth are you doing here?”, I guess I’m just not as sick as I think I am.

I’m thinking I’ve had a touch of strep throat – it feels like my throat is shredded inside and the shards of it are tickling what’s left.  I’ve had it about a week now, and it really doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did to begin with, so I’m hoping it’s on the way out. But it’s certainly taking the long route!

Looking online (Craig’s List, FreeCycle, etc.) for an adult trike, so I can get around this little town. My legs just don’t want to carry me very far any more, and I’m hoping a little trike that I have to pedal will keep the muscles working a little longer. I’m not up for atrophy just yet. I’ve seen them new, for not a lot of money at WalMart, but that creates a problem all its own.

And finally, this week, I get to see my vascular surgeon again, for a final workup and re-MRI to see if all the veins are flowing as he hoped they would be. To tell the truth, it doesn’t feel like he’s going to be thrilled. For the last two months, the pain and disability have been almost worse than before the surgery, leading me to believe that there might be another blockage. (great.) And the incision hasn’t healed the way I thought it should have. I feel kind of like a Frankenstein, but it’s in my leg, not my head or neck. :[

The cover work on the new book is taking a bit more time than I expected, but it will all work out, in time. Everything happens for a reason. And I’m not going to question Fate.

I’ve been pre-planning my Easter stuff for the kids and Jen. Although it’s not my forte, I’m planning to give them what they want – a Christian aspect of the holiday. Whatever that means. (What it means is “not what it means to me”) So I’ve ordered and received some of the chocolate, and a small gift for her ‘basket’. Still waiting for delivery of some books (of course), and a couple of other little surprises to tuck in here and there. I wrote a poem for her, and asked her to find herself a Christian picture frame to hold it. I also found some really cute things to do with jelly beans. So all I need are jelly beans, and bags to put them in. 🙂

I know Easter is a ways off, but I like being prepared. I’m funny that way. Been a pre-planner most of my life. It saves a lot of  “Oh, jeez, I forgot….!”

Time to gargle. Later.




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