Aradia Retold

I’ve just completed a second edition of my Aradia translation, which will be more widely available than the first edition was. Traversing the technological world of the self-publisher was daunting, but with a helping hand from my support team, I managed it – at last.

The first edition was being distributed through what the printer calls “extended reach”, which allows the book to be listed on, as well as through the printer itself. I had thought that would be enough of a distribution package to get the book noticed. I was only slightly correct. It got noticed. And I’ve sold a few copies.

My marketing efforts on Facebook and my blogs got it noticed by authors in the mainstream, which allowed me to be included in the special edition of Leland’s Aradia, recently published by The Witches’ Almanac, Ltd. I’m so very proud to have been included and quoted in that book, and to have been placed next to my beloved Lori Bruno in the pages. I find myself in elegant company, with Jimahl Di Fiosa, Raven Grimassi, Mike Howard, Paul Huson, Judika Illes, Dr. Leo Louis Martello, Christina Oakley Harrington, Christopher Penczak, Andrew Theitic, Donald Weiser and Myth Woodling, as well as Lori. I’m greatly honored.

But, since my work has now entered the mainstream – in a sense – by way of this inclusion, I felt it was time to expand my distribution. So I’ve created a second edition (the first edition will no longer be available), with a brand new ISBN (978-1-4357-9809-0), and a “global reach” distribution package. This form of distribution will have my book listed in the Ingram’s catalog, the Nielsen’s and Bowker’s and Lightning Source, where even the lowliest bookstores find the books they wish to place on their shelves. There is even the great possibility of finding my book in Barnes and Noble bookstores, as soon as the package kicks in, which should be within 6 to 8 weeks.

Rest assured, if I am given any notification that the new distribution package is in place, I will inform you through this blog.


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