A Strega’s Grimoire: The Rituals

I’m so pleased to announce that my collection of rituals is finally available in printed form! Here’s the lovely cover…

A Strega's Grimoire: The Rituals

The art work of my personal symbol was beautifully accomplished by Leandro Della-Piana, my beloved uncle. I think he did an outstanding job! So much so, that we decided it had to practically stand alone. Marla Davis did the colorization and the texturizing of the background. Lest you be concerned that the title and author aren’t immediately visible, that’s part of my sneaky plan. 😉

I believe that my beautiful symbol, in it’s golden hue, will attract the eye first, and cause a curious person to pick up the book to see what it is. Only then will they truly see the title, although the text on the spine and on the back cover (also textured) is of the same golden color.

So much for the outside. Let’s open the book.

This book collects many years of ritual. Some of it I wrote specifically for friends, or for my own celebrations. Some of the rituals are for a large group, and others are for solitary practitioners. Some are hours long, and some are rather short. Some require a bit of space to perform, and others need only the area in which you stand.

Some of these rituals are especially Italian (or Strega) in flavor, while others are almost Wiccan. (When I wrote for my friends, I had to include their own chosen system in my poetic interpretation of their needs.)

There are Solar Rituals, which are the ones most commonly known; the Sabbats of the year – albeit they are My Sabbats, not everyone’s Sabbats. There are also two Lunar Rituals which I hope you will enjoy. Finally, there is a large collection of Life Passage Rituals, covering several important moments in human life. At the back of the book, I’ve included Appendices that include recipes, instructions, suggestions and lists to aid the smooth production of these rituals.

I’ve made this book available as inexpensively as possible, and you will see that it is also available as a download at a greatly reduced price.  I hope you will take a peek at it, and let me know what you think. Your opinion matters to me. You can see the book at http://stores.lulu.com/deliathecrone, and you can let me know what you think of it here, or privately at my email address, deliathecrone@yahoo.com.


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