Faux Painting Dilemma

I want to paint the doors of my pantry so they look like glass-fronted doors, with gourmet foods stored within. I’ve collected several pictures of gourmet products – mostly Italian, ’cause that’s what I eat – to attach to the painted background, in decoupage. My dilemma is the painting of that background. It needs to look like the inside of a cabinet, as well as the glass of the door in front of the decoupaged items.

I’d appreciate anyone’s input as to the painting of either of these steps. Obviously, it must be done in steps. First the preparation of the doors, then the painting of the “inside of the cabinet” look. Then I do the decoupage upon the painted shelves on the door. Once that’s totally dry, I do the glass look.

There is so much information on faux painting online, I’ve been unable to find exactly what I’m looking for. If you happen to know of a specific site that deals with either of these painting steps, please send me the url. I’ll be really grateful. 🙂

Another problem, connected to this project: My pantry doors are tall, but they begin at about counter height. These are the doors I wish to paint. Below those doors are two shorter doors, with shelving inside. I wasn’t really considering continuing the look onto these lower doors, but I’d like some ideas as to how to do them so they don’t look weird.




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5 responses to “Faux Painting Dilemma

  1. It was a very nice idea! Just want to say thank you for the information you have shared. Just continue writing this kind of post. I will be your loyal reader. Thanks again.

  2. Avonelle

    Maybe if you took a pic of a glass cabinet with stuff in it, you’d be able to copy THAT? If that thought works for you, go to the local big box store and use one of their displays. Put your stuff in and take the pic… THEN, you can go home and paint ‘the picture’ on the cabinet doors…

    • Great Idea! But I won’t have to go to a big box store. I need two pictures – one of the empty cabinet, and that’s easy enough. Then I need a picture of an empty cabinet that has glass doors. I happen to have 6 of them in my kitchen. So I’ll take a pic of the empty pantry with the doors open for the first one, and a pic of the empty glass-fronted cabinet for the second. Thanks, Avonelle!

  3. Leandro Della Piana

    Just do it !

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