Book Signings!

I’m so excited!!

I have two signings booked in Florida during my vacation there at the end of April.

The first is at Enchanted Earth, a lovely little shop with adorable paintings on the walls, the floors and even on the ceiling! It feels so homey, I’ve been told it looks like a place I would have designed, if I’d thought of it. But I didn’t, Kimberly Truitt did, and she’s done a great job. Join me there, at 733 Main Street, Dunedin from 4 pm to 6 pm on Friday, April 22. If you need more information, call Kim at the shop, at 727-216-6594. Her website is at

The second Book Signing is in St. Pete. Carmen Brower, a 5th-generation reader, operates a lovely new shop called Celestial Blue Sidhe, at 2319 Martin Luther King Street North (which I’m told is also 9th Street) on Friday, the 29th of April. We haven’t nailed down the times yet, but I’m pretty certain it will also be from 4 pm to 6 pm. The shop closes at 6, so don’t be late! Carmen’s number, for more information, is 727-623-9912. Look for Celestial Blue Sidhe’s page on Facebook!

I hope to see as many of my friends and fans at one or both of these events as humanly possible! All my books will be there, including the newly-issued edition of my translation of Aradia, Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold, and the newest book, A Strega’s Grimoire: The Rituals.There will also be a drawing for a free copy of The Book Journal.

Drop in and say hello!


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  1. Leandro Della Piana

    Zounds like funn / enjoy !

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