Updating myself

(This bit was once a page of its own, but now is part of the great, growing blog.)

From time to time, I will try to keep you (and me) informed of the ideas rolling around loose in my brain, which I hope will give birth (eventually) to something publishable. Sometimes I have brainstorms (or are they tempests in my cranial teapot?) that grow up to be ideas, and sometimes they dissolve into puddles of gibberish.

If I have told you of an idea that becomes a puddle, I’ll try to remember to tell you about it, so you’ll know I’m not still considering it, and maybe even tell you why it hasn’t worked out, if I know.

January 11, 2011:

I’ve been tossing around an idea for a book for a day or so now, and although I’m nowhere near ready to begin working on it – for several reasons, not the least of which is that I’m working on three others at the moment – I am about ready to mention it here. The book will be a combination of my spiritual poetry/prayers, along with instructions for creating one’s own Goddess beads, or God and Goddess beads, and how those prayers and beads can be useful to expand your spirituality day by day, or at least sabbat by sabbat. This will be very loosely based on the Catholic Rosary concept, which is a viable one, and worthy of cloning.

Along with the beads and prayers, I’m considering the addition of a kind of novena. Catholics will know what a novena is without my describing it. For those who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, a novena is a continuing prayer sequence, in sets of nine. Usually, it’s nine consecutive days of prayer, but it can also be nine consecutive hours of prayer. Not continuous, but consecutive.

December 6, 2010:

Thinking of a new book, dedicated to those who suffered during (and after) the Burning Times. It will be a difficult book to write, as I’ll have to study the experiences of those who were tortured, harassed or murdered, and the means of that suffering, in order to write poetically about each one. Or as many as I can bear to write. So I imagine I’ll be a bit morose when I begin that work. Therefore, I’m putting it off for a bit.

December 5, 2010:

I’m working on the creation of a book journal. This will be the first thing I publish that isn’t in any way pagan.  So I’m a little nervous. I’m venturing into the land of mundania, and mundane reading “material”, so to speak. The book will have 5 sections – Books on Loan, Borrowed Books, My Wish List, Books on Order and My Favorite Books.  I’ve loaned books to people over the years, then forgotten who had which book. And I’ve borrowed books, and forgotten who I got it from, or lost contact with that person. This journal will help folks who make these same mistakes to maintain control over the books they loan and borrow. I’ve included space to write the other person’s contact information, in two places, so it can be updated. The Wish List is easy to figure out, and I hope people will consider taking their journal to the bookstore with them, so they can remember to seek out the books on their wish list.

Books on Order is for keeping a record, especially of books you order online. I buy most of mine online, and sometimes I’ve been surprised to get a package in the mail, because I’d forgotten that I’d ordered it. This also gives me a place to remember good or bad service from a dealer. The last section, My Favorite Books, will be for listing books I read over and over. Or books I keep buying additional copies of. I can list why I like it, create my own little review, and even give it from one to five stars.

Today I’ve been designing the cover for the journal, and inserting chapter graphics. The book will be just over 100 pages, with at least 20 pages in each section. The information requested in each section differs, but in the first four, the 20 pages leave space to list 80 books, and the last section, containing 40 pages, leaves the same amount of space.

November 28, 2010:

I’m working on a collection of rituals I’ve written over the years, some are quite poetic, and others are virtually Wiccan. All have my personal touch, and will cover Sabbats, lunar events and Rites of Passage. Most of them are rituals I wrote for friends over the years, but the Sabbat rituals I wrote for myself, and in some cases, I’m including more than one for a particular Sabbat. There are only two lunar rituals, because I only celebrate the full moon and the dark moon. I don’t actually celebrate the other phases.

I’m especially proud of the Rites of Passage that I wrote for my friends, family and for myself. Some of my friends were Wiccan, which explains why some of the rituals bear that mark. But some gave me free rein, and allowed me to use my own methodology, or to develop an entirely different, but spiritual aspect to the celebration. Here again, some of the Rites are covered by more than one ritual.

The text is just about finished, and I’m awaiting the art work for the cover. I know it will be wonderful, even though as of today it is late.

November 30, 2010:

I’m considering a book devoted to the victims of the “Burning Times”, which would include those who were hung as well as those who were tortured, harassed and released, for one reason or another. The period that saw the wholesale murder of innocent children, women and men, to the point that, in some villages, no women were left alive, has always been one of great shame, and has caused me personal pain. As an empath, I have been tortured by their experiences for years, and I think a book like this will be a cleansing tool for me.

I have several other projects in the works or awaiting my attention just now, so this new idea will have to wait for its own moment. I’m thinking it will be a book of spiritual poetry honoring the victims. Of course, I know that I will have to re-visit each narrative of horror in order to create these poems, but I’m willing to do that. It’s the least I can do, considering what my past sisters and brothers have undergone.

I’d love to be able to include the poetry of others, on this theme, if permission can be obtained. If any reader knows of such poetry, please contact me, through this blog, with everything you know about it. I’ll need to be able to contact the original author. If any reader has written such a poem, and would like to have it included in the book, with full credit, please contact me as well.


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