My first book signing – ever!

In preparing for my first book signing, I read everything about the concept I could find, and wrote to many authors asking their advice to a newcomer. I learned that if I were to sell even one book at a signing, considering that I was an unknown author, I should do a happy dance. And consider myself quite fortunate indeed.

I am ecstatic! I sold 16 books at my very first book signing, on a day in the store that was one of their least busy days ever!

My table set-up

I met several wonderful new friends, and made the acquaintance of a charming and knowledgeable store owner. I’ve also been invited back when I have new books to show them.

Kim Truitt, a warm and lovely shop owner - with me

Kim Truitt of Enchanted Earth in Dunedin, Florida, is a lovely woman, who immediately made me feel like an old friend. She’s a hugger, and a woman of great affection. Her shop is decorated beautifully, with artistic displays in every corner of the space. It was like walking into an alternate space.

I’d been advised to bring flowers for the owner, so I stopped along the way to purchase a half dozen white roses, which had exactly the effect I’d hoped. Kim was delighted, and greatly moved that I should have brought her a gift, in addition to a little bag of sundry items, along with catalog pages of my self-published books for her future use.

The customers who came to meet me and buy my books were able to chat in a leisurely way, as Kim had extended the event to three hours from the two originally planned. There were questions, comments and ideas floating all around me for the entire time, from the customers, and in me. All in all, it was a spectacular event, and I’m looking forward to visiting Enchanted Earth again, every time I head south to Florida!

Chatting with customers at Enchanted Earth



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2 responses to “My first book signing – ever!

  1. Leandro Della Piana

    Congratulations ! Cherish the thrill of people wanting what you do.

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