The Strega Book, redux

I’ve redone the manuscript to correct it against the Table of Contents, and added the long Handfasting I wrote for Stormy and Fred in the 90s. That, of course changed the page numbering at the Index, so that had to be done, tedious as it is. The new manuscript is completed and waiting.

What’s it waiting for?

Marla is reworking the cover art so I can present it with clearer print for the title and my name. The only way I can get truly professional looking print on the cover is to add the text to a plain, colored background, from Lulu’s font options. Whenever I’ve created a cover with text on it, and it looks really good, then I upload it to Lulu for use, it shows up with wiggly edges. Very unprofessional-looking. I don’t like the look, and I’ve been trying for two years to avoid it, always unsuccessfully.  If you have any of my books, you have seen how it turns out, and you probably don’t like it either. I’ve gone to the trouble of making my covers very large, then reducing the size to fit the book size, and the wiggly edges are there. It looks like something that was very small and then was enlarged beyond its capabilities, when the opposite had been done.

So this time, there will be no text on the cover when I upload it to Lulu, and I’ll add the text portion through Lulu. That option gives me fewer choices of fonts, and the choice of a smaller font for a subtitle is completely gone, unless I determine that I don’t want my name on the front cover. But at least the text will be clear, strong and readable.

Why am I doing this?

I’m about to re-issue A Strega’s Grimoire: The Rituals with an extended distribution package (and a new ISBN number) to get it into the Ingram and Bowker catalogs, so there will be a wholesale price when bookstores order it. I’ve already done that for Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold, and I want the book of rituals to be in the same august company.

I haven’t determined yet whether I want to do the same for the other books. I’d love to hear what you think on the matter. Should I re-issue all my books in this manner, so that they will be more easily available to bookstores and listed in the catalogs from which they order, or should the other books stay the way they are, with private wholesale prices that I control?



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3 responses to “The Strega Book, redux

  1. No matter which way you go I want copies. I’m especially interested in the difference between Wiccan and Strega worldview and practice. Maternal side is Sicilian and that’s all calls to me.

    • Oriethyia, you can still purchase copies of all my books at my website, Let me know your feelings about them as you read them.

    • I went to your blog and read the poem you wrote for your mother. It’s beautiful, touching. I have no “mother” image in my life, only a destructive step-mother memory that haunts me, but your words evoked a longing in me that I thought I’d locked away so carefully, so many years ago. Thanks. (I tried to leave my comment on your blog, but for some reason, it couldn’t verify my WordPress ID.)

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