Ebooks on the Way!

Until now, only 4 of my books have been available by download, for those who prefer e-books. Those four include Voice of the Mother, Witch Daze, Aradia Retold and Elemental Meditations. You can access them in that format, as you always could, at my webpage at Lulu, http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/deliathecrone.

I’ve had mail from some readers who would like to see my other three books made available in that format as well. And I plan to do that very soon. Those three will include Devotions for the Witch, The Goddess Book of Psalms and A Strega’s Gimoire: The Rituals. (You may have noticed that one ritual from the Strega book has always been available by download, since the book sold before I issued the second edition, which included the missing ritual. I wanted those who had already purchased the book to have that ritual as well.)

When I speak of EBooks, I’m talking of putting my manuscripts out there, in PDF format, but with the entire cover page as well. In order to do that, each of the seven books will be re-issued in PDF format, with the cover material – both front and back. I plan to announce each re-issue as it becomes available here, and in my other blogs and on my Facebook pages.

You should also be informed that my computer was recently infected by some particularly nasty mal-ware, which erased my entire C-Drive. I’m rebuilding my informational material, but none of my manuscripts or books were affected, since I had all of that on an external drive. The problem with my computer will be remedied, but it’s taking time, and in the meantime, I’m having to do all my work on a laptop, which slows me down considerably.

There is still the Fairy book to come, which I was in the middle of editing when the computer went down. That process, of course, is now in slow-motion. 🙂

Watch for my EBlast regarding the Ebooks and the Fairy book – in the (hopefully) near future!


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  1. knittingwithmarythomas

    I can’t wait!!!! I LOVE E-Books!!

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