Pagan Library in the South?

Several years ago, I’d thought of opening a small pagan shop in my little town. However, my little town is very anti-pagan, and I don’t want to start a religious war around me, so the idea had spluttered to a brief notion.

Lately, however, I’ve been concerned about the number of books I’d already collected to place in such a shop – both new and used. They are filling up needed spaces in my home. I love books, and it distresses me to see them simply crammed into boxes, where no one can touch them, read them, learn from them, etc.

So a new idea has born fruit in my head…

Why not begin collecting materials to be housed in a Pagan Library, for those who do not wish to own the book, but would dearly love to read it? The location of the library is yet to be imagined. When the time comes, that idea will also come forth.

My question to my readers is this:

What books do you think should be NECESSARY in a Pagan Library? I’m open to actual titles, authors, and even to donations, if you choose to go that route.



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4 responses to “Pagan Library in the South?

  1. autumnsraine

    I think you have a wonderful idea. Even if you decide to do it from your home, you could definitely go “underground” with it.

  2. D. W. Ferber

    I know it would be an extraordinary amount of work, but if something is off copyright, you could consider making an online library vis the Gutenberg Project. Otherwise, I wonder how a private Pagan library would operate… would this be a lending or non-lending library? How would you protect the collection from theft and damage?

    As an alternative, you could open a Pagan specialty “shop” online, and thereby obviate any need to interact with your real world neighbors.

  3. Leandro

    What’s wit th’ car plug !

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