Prepping isn’t all in words (sigh)

I’ve finally finished all the paper/printed matter for my upcoming events, except for a visit to Staples to make copies of the multiple-paged handouts I’ll distribute at the workshop.  There are three of them that consist of 8 or more pages. I’d rather use up Staples’ ink and paper than my own (is that mean?).

So now I can concentrate on the fairy village that will help to display my new book at the Witch’s Ball. I’ve decided on a bunch of little fairies having a picnic on the grass. There is a little gazebo, fake grass, fake roadway, and lots of fake greenery, all centered around a large papier mache mushroom I’m making. The stem of the mushroom is an oatmeal box, to give you an idea of its size. The mushroom is almost completely dry. Once that’s accomplished, I’ll paint it. Haven’t decided yet whether it will be painted to look real or in a fantasy manner. What do you think I should do?

The gazebo is an adorable thing I’m borrowing from Marla, that I think was originally meant to house a small plant. It’s made of metal, kind of a cross between a miniature gazebo and a tiny bird cage, with little metal roses all over it. The top is rather barren, so I’m thinking of creating a tiny weathervane for that.

The fairies will sit at silk leaves on the grass, and I’ve purchased a bunch of doll house food for them to eat – produce only, since they wouldn’t be consuming packaged goods, in my humble opinion. I’ve got a few miniatures I’ve thought of adding, but I’m unsure of them just yet. They include a gorgeous gold-framed mirror, a park bench, a rocking chair, a cherub fountain, two battery-operated street lights, etc., etc.

I’ve covered several of those tiny books (blank inside, but openable books, nonetheless) with my own books’ covers, just for fun, and I’ve got a tiny set of tarot cards as well.

I’d love to hear your ideas of what my fairy picnic still needs, or what you think it should look like!



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