Never Again. Forever!

I’m so pleased to announce the publication of my latest book – which was possible only because of the contributions and passions of my friends Nicolay Bessonov (gorgeous art work), Jackie Freeman (haunting photography), Lori Bruno (poetry), Rev. Brian Pavlac (article), Laurie T. Rosenfeld (article), Amy Stuart (poetry), Deborah Mangelus (poetry), Edouard Mons (poetry), Jennifer Jeunger (poetry), Alastair Adamson (poetry), Suzanne Spencer (poetry), Thomas O’Keefe (poetry), and Patrizia Schetini-Natrella. My thanks to these friends for their beautiful work.

This is a book of poetry and prose honoring the sacrifice of those who suffered in the past (some in the recent past) for their different perspectives on life, or their physical differences, or even their social differences.

Judge not, lest you be judged in return, and found wanting.

Remember the past, or surely it will re-member you!Image


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  1. Patricia,
    I’m so excited! LOL, but my last name is spelled Juenger. Anyway, I can’t wait. I’m going to order a copy of the book today! WooHOO!

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