Cooking a new book…

I’m working on a book I’ve wanted to write for many, many years — but since I’m not a chef — didn’t feel I had much to offer the cooking world. Now that I’m an old broad, I just don’t care about that kind of thing, so I’m giving it a go — and damn the torpedoes!

My hope is that each and every recipe in the book will offer amusement as well as taste and nutriment. It began with a collection of recipes handed down in my family, and has expanded — as does any bit of cookery — into a full-blown cookbook. I’m having great fun describing the recipes, and putting them in some semblance of order. The book will have a coil binding (I hope, because there is a page limit for that type of binding, and I tend to be long-winded), so it will lay flat for the user. Any good cookbook should lay flat, I’m thinking.

I’m also including a bit of magic in the book, telling you what the major ingredients can accomplish, if you do it correctly. But even if you don’t do it magically, you’ll still have a great dish. I’ve included mixes and feasts, snacks and breakfasts, so there’s something for everyone.

The book’s a ways off yet, and I’m thinking the toughest section will be the index. A cookbook NEEDS an index, yes?

If you have any preferences in cookbook types, I’d like to hear them, before I’m committed to any one concept. Oh, yes, the title and cover will be tough, too.



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  1. Avonelle T

    Love this idea! I’m (someday?) putting together a cook book of my Mom and both my Grandma’s recipes! Yay!

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