Your ideas are solicited!

I’d like to know what you think would be found in your fantasy cookbook – especially if you favored it above all others. I’ve had some ideas myself, but most of them simply aren’t possible for me to incorporate into my self-published world.

For instance – maybe a cookbook could have scented pages, a la ‘scratch and sniff’, so you would know what it’s supposed to smell like.

Or a cookbook should stand up by itself.


Post your ideas here, if you like, or pin them on my Pinterest page, at I can’t wait to hear from you!



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2 responses to “Your ideas are solicited!

  1. Wow! Thanks for your thoughts on a fantasy-perfect cookbook, Lea! Some of those ideas I’ve already incorporated into the book, and some I’ve had to put aside, or the book will be so big I won’t be able to have it coil-bound. That’s important to me, because I think a cookbook should lay flat while you use it, and you shouldn’t need to prop it up or stick something in it to follow the recipe.
    I do have a list of substitutions – not just for sugars; and in the case of esoteric ingredients, I’ve tried to mention where to find them; and vegetarian is certainly included – in a section I’m calling “You Are What You Eat”.
    The Fairy Birth Sign book had some gorgeous color pictures, created by my illustrator in Cornwall, England, and that caused the book to become very expensive – to create and to purchase. So I didn’t want to go that route again. Instead, I have pictures of those things that need to be taught visually, but only those. This way I can keep the costs down, for me and for the consumer.
    As for vitamins and such, I had intended to do just that, including the diabetic exchanges, but my software crashed, and I haven’t replaced it. I may have to look for a new program that will give me that information, so I can include it. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  2. Leandro

    Vital information on ingredients / nutritional properties / vitamins / calories / diabetic / salt and sugar substitutes / carnivore, vegetarian, vegan;for people who consider moving from meat to non meat and seek to understand how to replace meat with vegetable substitutes for protein and stuff / and cool pictures.

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