That’s Write!

I recently completed my first newsletter issue – and I’m rather pleased with it. My readership list is short right now, but I’m certain it will grow. As people read and enjoy my offerings, more and more of them will request subscriptions – at least that’s the plan.

The newsletter is titled “That’s Write!”, and it’s a quarterly publication, that will be issued around the time of each of the four great sabbats. I don’t want to flood anyone’s list of things to read with monthly issues – and don’t really have time to spend on something which needs that much attention. The more time I spend on a newsletter, the less time I have for writing and editing my books. (And the cookbook is knocking me against the wall!)

My plan is to present short articles telling my readers what I’m up to each season, as well as giving them a bit of personal information about me. I realize I’m a virtual stranger to most, and I hope to change that. I’m also recommending sites and/or artisans I come across in each issue. There will always be a subscription query and the ability to have yourself removed from the list in every issue.

(By the way, if you have an interest in receiving the newsletter – either by email or through the post – please leave me a comment here, and I’ll be happy to oblige. The first issue has just been sent out, and the next is due around the middle of March. Let me know where you’d like to begin. And THANKS!)

Whenever I have an event scheduled, that will be featured, as well as any pieces of news I find to be interesting. If my readers have comments (yeas or nays) to make regarding me, my books, the newsletter, or anything included in (or omitted from) the newsletter, I’ll be printing them, too.newsletter guy


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