Which do you prefer – and why?

I’m curious about book formats this morning. Personally I like hard cover books best, mostly for their feel. I like the heft of a hard cover book, and I especially like the sound of the cover as it hits the pages, when I’ve finished reading.

But I also like paperback books. They are easy to hold, to transport and the information within is just as readable.

My daughter prefers audio books, so she can do other things while listening to the book reveal  itself to her.

Then there are the ebooks so popular today. I don’t use them, but many do. I hear they have an important place in the scheme of things.

So, which format of book do you prefer – and why do you like that format?



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2 responses to “Which do you prefer – and why?

  1. I grew up with only hardcover and paperback books..I dont know why, but they stimulate my imagination the most:)

  2. Avonelle

    I adore hardback books, but they are too heavy so I read more paperbacks… Audio books are ok for driving, but I like “reading” more than listening. I haves kindle app & I’ve used it, giggles… That said, it doesn’t smell or feel right… I prefer a real book!

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