I’ve just completed my first cookbook! I’m thrilled to announce the publication of J’eat? It contains 399 pages of fun in the kitchen – recipes, information, meal-planning ideas, and humor. Here’s the cover!J'eat

I set up the book so it feeds you from the time you awake until the end of your day – whenever that may be. It includes recipes for breaking the fast, lunches, and dinners, along with information you might need regarding measurements, substitutions, condiments, herbs, etc., etc., etc.! I had a grand time putting my favorite recipes together for you in this rather tongue-in-cheek manner, and I know you’ll enjoy reading the cookbook.


Reading a cookbook? Does anyone actually read a cookbook? If you’ve never read one before, you will read this one – from cover to cover! Some of the recipes are more than a list of ingredients, followed by the usual directive information. You’ll be entertained by the recipes that jump out poetically from the page, the ones that beg to be read aloud, the playful and diverting instructions that entice you into the kitchen.

The only thing missing from this book is – desserts!

Desserts? Missing?

But that’s covered in the companion book – Eat Dessert First.

Eat Dessert First

A collection of 28 categories of delightful dinner finales, snacks, accompaniments, condiments, and beverages to satisfy every guest at your table – and that includes the little ones!

Jump over to my Lulu shop and pick up a copy of each of these new books today!


So, what’s for dinner?



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2 responses to “J’eat?

  1. Leandro

    Sounds appetizing !

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