Eat Dessert First

Eat Dessert First – a companion book to J’eat? Playful Cookery                           Eat Dessert First

A collection of 28 categories of delightful dinner finales, snacks, accompaniments, condiments, and beverages to satisfy every guest at your table.

Browse through the categories with me – if you stand it. There’s Candy is Dandy. I know most cookbooks that contain candy recipes put them at the end of the book. But this book celebrates the sweet tooth, so they belong at the beginning.
Baby, It’s Cold in Here shivers with frozen delights, like sherbets, sorbets, ices and – oh, my!
Are You Pudding Me On? wallows in the puddings and gelatin desserts we all know as comfort foods.
How Fruituitous! offers exciting ways to prepare your favorite fruits that will complete any meal on a high note!
That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles has cookies for the jar, for gifting, and even no-bake cookies for your taste buds.
Brownie Points counts only seven recipes, but they are the ones I’ve loved longest.
The Bar Exam includes several kinds of bar cookies which you can cut into as many or as few pieces as you like – to enjoy and to share.
Pie in the Sky is my collection of luscious pies I’ve made and served for many years.
I’m All Wrapped Up is an assortment of desserts wrapped in crusts to eat out-of-hand, or on a plate, as you desire.
Tarts with Hearts are more than tiny pies, deserving a place of their own on your table.
Inventing the Universe follows Carl Sagan’s advice, with recipes for basics like pastry, flavorings and the like.
Let Them Eat Cake is a veritable bakery in itself, with many kinds of moist, delicious cakes my family has oohed and aahed over.
Tea and Empathy comprises cakes and breads to adorn your tea cart, and enhance your afternoons.
Gimme Doughnuts speaks for itself, with regular, raised, and gluten-free doughnuts for your pleasure.
More Tea Breads continues where Tea and Empathy left off, since I found more of my favorites to pass along.
Scones and Crumpets has my own versions of these treats, moist and delicious, every one.
Dear Dairy . . . is my love/hate letter to the world of dairy (I’m lactose-intolerant), and shares my recipes for enjoying the foods I used to love, and want to keep eating.
Cheese Greater lists the cheeses I’ve loved and those I’ve learned to duplicate in non-dairy methodology.
Custard’s Last Stand is filled with the eggy-milky foods I love and hope you do, too.
Poof! Soufflé! contains a few of the simplest versions of this most-frightening (to some) dessert!
Cheesecake is self-explanatory. As any cheesecake lover knows.
I Can’t Take it Anymore! deals with those foods that some folks (like me, and maybe you) cannot tolerate in their diet, and what must be done to avoid them, yet continue to absorb their nutrients.
The Exquisite Lightness of Being has recipes that are low in calories, or low in carbohydrates, or low in sugars, or fats, or whatever else is too-too in your menu.
A Saucy Quench is a selection of sweet and spicy dessert sauces that can bring an ordinary dessert into the realm of fantastic, by virtue of its presence!
Bite Me is my category of snacks, both sweet and savory, but all meatless, for your between-meal pleasure.
How Sweet it Is! has a few of my favorite jellies, jams, preserves, conserves, butters and marmalades.
Wet Your Whistle with refreshing beverages to please every thirst!
Hmmm. I’ll Drink to That! leads you to the bar, where wines and other beverages are on tap, waiting for you to propose a toast!
Look for my new book, Eat Dessert First, at my online bookstore, ( – Today!
Eat Dessert First



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