Sneak Peek – J’EAT?

J'eat Picklicious!

Pickling can be done with nearly any vegetable, not just cucumbers! For instance, green beans, cauliflower, beets, watermelon rind, and many other foods you already love, can be pickled easily. They add crunch and tang to your plate, salad, or sandwich. See how easy it is!

1.    Pickle juice makes a great marinade. Combine it with a little olive oil and chopped fresh herbs, or add it to your favorite bottled salad dressing.
2.    Most any barbecue sauce is better when doctored with a little pickle or sauerkraut juice. The improved version will have a tanginess not found in any bottled brand.
3.    Add cut-up raw carrots, celery sticks, broccoli and cauliflower florets, onions, garlic cloves, mushrooms and red and green pepper strips directly to the jar of any type of leftover pickle juice. Be sure to keep them refrigerated. They’ll be great for snacking straight from the jar or as an addition to a crudité platter. You might even spice them up with a hot pepper!
4.    Pickle liquid mixed in with the mayo can give a new twist to your time-honored potato salad or even egg salad or tuna!
5.    Give gusto to a Bloody Mary . . . with pickle juice! Garnish with a pickle spear instead of the usual celery stick!
6.    Some drinkers like vodka mixed with pickle juice. And some take pickle juice as a chaser after shots of tequila!
7.    Some people drink pickle juice straight, as a tonic! Some athletes drink pickle juice as a way to replenish the salt after their workouts. And some folks swear by it as a cure for hiccups!
8.    Use pickle juice to make pickled eggs. The flavor will be different from the pickled eggs you might be used to. Hard-boiled eggs that have soaked in pickle juice are great to use for egg salad or to slice on salads.
9.    Bread-and-Butter pickle juice is especially good with sweet potatoes, or squash.
10.    Grapes pickle beautifully in dill pickle juice, for an entirely different treat!
11.    Blend some eggs into the pickle juice and add flour or cornmeal, to make a crust for meat.
12.    Use Bread-and-Butter pickle juice to bring out the flavor in pears, figs, sweet apples, oranges, pineapple, lemons or grapefruit. Cut the fruit into pickle-sized pieces and drop them into the jar of leftover pickle juice. Let them stew in the pickle juice for at least a day.
13.    Cut up fresh cucumbers into slices or wedges and place them in the pickle juice to make a new batch of pickles.
14.    Got a toothache? Simply place a dill pickle slice or two in your mouth, directly on the affected area. Leave it there for as long as it takes for the pain to diminish. Do this as often as needed throughout the day, until you can get to a dentist.
15.    Pickle pops! Freeze the juice in ice cube trays (which can go into a Bloody Mary) or popsicle molds.
16.    Nolan Ryan used to soak the fingers of his pitching hand in pickle juice to prevent blisters.
17.    Chik-Fil-A uses a brine (that’s what pickle juice is, after all) on their chicken, then they pressure fry it.
18.    Pickle juice is a traditional Russian remedy for hangover.
19.    Use it, strained, to clean jewelry or flatware.
20.    Use it, also strained, as a facial toner and exfoliator mixed with ground avocado pit.
21.    Add it to cream cheese (along with some diced pickles) to make a wonderful dip for potato chips.
22.    Soak a sponge in it, and use it to clean copper pans. You might have to add a little more salt to the wet pan, but it works very well.


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