A review from one of my collaborators…

My dear friend, Edouard Mons, who contributed several poems for the book, Never Again … Forever!, recently sent me his first impressions of the book. Edouard is a student at university in France.

Patricia, I received the book this morning! I have to tell you how proud I am to be part of this project. The book you created is fantastic! Greatly designed, and the writings are all deep and amazing. I’m really moved by this.

You know, in this book you spread tolerance, and this is so important to me.  I used to say to people that I had Christian, Jewish and Muslim roots… so they could see that people could mix and love each other. The truth is that I’m pure Italian-French, but saying to some people that I was part Jewish, part Muslim and part Christian was my way of spreading tolerance. It was fun and I hope it worked.

With this book, you help people become tolerant towards witches, and it is brilliantly done. Many blessings to you Patricia.

I’m so very happy that my collaborator admires the book in which he finds his work. (big sigh of pleasure)

Image     visit http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/deliathecrone


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