Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs

Announcing. . .

The research is done. The spelling has been checked. Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore is now available – only through Lulu.com [:(]- but discounted until June 1 [:)]. (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/deliathecrone)

That’s correct! A 25% discount is waving frantically through your screen, trying to get your attention!

I should show you the cover, just in case . . .

A huge shout-out of thanks my co-author, Alison Grimshaw, who designed the cover as well as the original artwork within the book. Looks great, doesn’t it?

Curious? Make sure you come back and visit soon . . . I’ll be sharing tidbits from Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore in the weeks ahead as we get closer to June 1.

So what’s Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore all about? If you haven’t heard me speak of this before, read on  . . .

Once upon a time, there was a poet. She was a pretty good poet, and all her friends told her so. That made her very happy. But something was missing. There was no fantasy in her life – and she did so much want a little make-believe, here and there. When she was invited to join a Fairy LARP (Live Action Role Playing) group, she hesitated only a moment, wondering if her lack of Fairy-ism could be overcome.

Huzzah! and Hooray! She took the form of a Fairy Godmother, and relished the role. A conscientious FG, she immediately began producing works of great relevance to her sister-fairies, the elves (even the dark elves), and the human folk on the other side of the mist. An alphabet was the first work – one must have letters before one can have poems, or any written thing else – true? And then she wrote the horoscope-like birth signs, previously known only to the Fairies.

And so, when the time was right, Fairy Birth Signs was born. And it was an adorable thing, filled with amazing color pictures illustrating all the details of each birth sign. She was very happy now.

The fairies, however, chided her for neglecting a few additional traits that should have been included for each sign; for instance . . .

What foods should you serve to a Raven-born friend? What animals are you likely to find near a Forest-born? How would a Mushroom-born present himself – or herself? Is there a craft or activity that will greatly please someone born under the sign of the Eagle?

Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore answers those questions . . . and more! Every sign, which covers only a two-week period, a sample menu it presented, along with the recipes to conjure that menu from out of the mist of the Fae directly to your table. Now you can regale your dinner companions with foods the fairies know are their favorites!

More than that, your friends’ favorite animal companions are right there in front of your eyes! There are no more secrets! Let them deny it if they will. You’ll know the truth!

For even more secret-slashing, an activity of creative nature accompanies each sign, as whispered to me by the fairies. They assure me they have seen humans born under those signs actually indulging in just those activities!

The Appendix offers a list of homemade ingredients you may need for some of the activities listed.

And along the way, I’ve identified many of my fellow players, next to their appropriate birth signs. Players from LORE (Legends of Reality, Enacted) and from KIN (Kingdom of Interesting Neighbors).

To placate the angry Fae at the foot of my bed, I completed Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs. I hope they’re happy now; at least they’re not biting my toes anymore. And you can have that bit of Fairy Wisdom in your hands! At 25% Off!

Now you know all about Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore, and I remind you of the very special place where you can buy it, and Fairy Birth Signs, as well, if you haven’t seen it yet. (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/deliathecrone)

You might prefer to own just Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore, and forego the original book, Fairy Birth Signs. The fairies may shake their heads, but as long as they don’t bite your toes . . .


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