I am a senior citizen, and a fledgling author. It took years for me to decide that (1) I wanted to be published, and (2) that others might be interested in what I write.

I am a practicing pagan, deeply spiritual, and I enjoy calling myself a witch – just to see the reactions I get. In actual fact, I am a practicing Strega (Italian witch), which is quite different from the Wiccan types found throughout the world today.

I write Spiritual Poetry for the most part. But I’ve also enjoyed doing an Italian translation, a calendar of pagan information, and a book of material I used when I used to teach the craft to seekers. I’m working on more teaching materials, rituals, fairy lore, etc.

I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I traveled all over the country in my youth, finally settling for about 30 years in Florida. Now I’m happily ensconced in South Carolina. It’s not as hot here as Florida, and not as cold as Boston. In other words, it’s just right! 🙂

So, let me ask you what brings you to read a blog entitled “A Spiritual Poet…”? Are you also a poet? Are you spiritual? Does your idea of spiritual coincide with mine?



3 responses to “Profile

  1. Hello,

    Let’s reschedule a book singing for you, at the new store location. We changed the store name to Spiritual Connections 1, 5625 4th Street north, Saint store number is 727-235-0080

    • Carmen, I’d love to! I’ve already committed to a signing on the 15th of June, and the Ball is the 16th. I am also committed to a workshop on Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, shortly after the Ball date, but no date is set just yet. I will only be in town about a week this June.

  2. Read my blog to get your answer. Am I a Spiritual Poet? Among other things…

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