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13 Days Left!

In just 13 days – on Tuesday, March 12 – two Ebooks will disappear from my production shelves!

Voice of the Mother and Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar are being withdrawn in electronic format in thirteen days!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the price both of these downloads have been reduced!


Voice of the Mother

Voice of the Mother

Voice of the Mother – a collection of loving messages received while meditating upon the Great Mother of us all – originally sold as a downloadable ePub book at $6.99, now reduced to $3.33 until March 12 – when it will disappear forever! That’s a reduction of over 50%!!! Start anywhere in this book and the words of loving spirit become part of your consciousness. Turn to these words in times of difficulty, stress, grief, fear or confusion. Her encompassing love will guide you through. (The print version of Voice of the Mother is available for $13.99, at the same link.)


The New Cover

Perennial Pagan Calendar

Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar – a listing of pagan history, celebrations, heroes, martyrs and friends – information for each day in every year, including Leap Year – originally sold as a downloadable ePub book at $9.99, now reduced to $5.55 until March 12 – when it, too, will disappear forever! A reduction of more than 40%!!! (The print version of Witch Daze: a perennial calendar is available for $27.00, at the same link.)



Both of these books will be re-issued – in print only. Neither will ever be offered as a download again. This is your best opportunity to capture these books in an electronic format for your e-Reader!

Visit my storefront today to order and download your copy of these books, or do it through the iBookStore on your iPhone!

Please email me with any questions at



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Prayer Book, per se

What do you need to find in a prayer book? Besides prayers, that is. Would you require instruction of a sort? Perhaps guidance for the use of the prayers included – or even bits of information about praying. Suppose the prayer book is a Goddess prayer book. NOW, what would you expect to find? Prayers to specific Goddesses, or for specific purposes? A calendar?

I remember prayer books of my youth – which included all sorts of extraneous information, relating to prayer and praying. Some were one sentence long, some were two pages long. Some were meant to be sung or intoned. Some were simply responses to a leader’s words. And there were lists of counsel, articles of behavioral guidance, and such.

Some worshipers would rather describe the wordings they murmur as charms (or something else) rather than prayers, and if that’s something you prefer, please leave me a comment here, and your preference will be considered.

I’m thinking of reworking my book, Devotions for the Witch. Some bits will be removed and offered  separately, in ebook format. And there will be other materials added. I’m also hoping to produce it with a coil binding, to make it lay open for easier use. I’d like to change the cover to make it more descriptive of the contents, and your ideas will help me there.

Devotions thumb
Some of the additions I’m considering include:

Ritual Bath meditations, as well as Spiritual Showering (waterless)
Charges of the Goddess
Gestures as well as postures of prayer, according to the many forms of neopaganism
Forms of offerings and sacrifices, and the difference between them
Setting up a home altar, and using it
The consecration of elements, objects and persons
Esbat prayers and procedures
Sabbat prayers and procedures
Circle prayers and procedures

You are invited to add your own list to the above. I promise to fully consider your suggestions in the new edition, which will be forthcoming in 2014.

  • What needs to be in YOUR prayer book?
  • What do you call the words you say in worship?
  • What would you like to see on the new cover?

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Ebooks on the Way!

Until now, only 4 of my books have been available by download, for those who prefer e-books. Those four include Voice of the Mother, Witch Daze, Aradia Retold and Elemental Meditations. You can access them in that format, as you always could, at my webpage at Lulu,

I’ve had mail from some readers who would like to see my other three books made available in that format as well. And I plan to do that very soon. Those three will include Devotions for the Witch, The Goddess Book of Psalms and A Strega’s Gimoire: The Rituals. (You may have noticed that one ritual from the Strega book has always been available by download, since the book sold before I issued the second edition, which included the missing ritual. I wanted those who had already purchased the book to have that ritual as well.)

When I speak of EBooks, I’m talking of putting my manuscripts out there, in PDF format, but with the entire cover page as well. In order to do that, each of the seven books will be re-issued in PDF format, with the cover material – both front and back. I plan to announce each re-issue as it becomes available here, and in my other blogs and on my Facebook pages.

You should also be informed that my computer was recently infected by some particularly nasty mal-ware, which erased my entire C-Drive. I’m rebuilding my informational material, but none of my manuscripts or books were affected, since I had all of that on an external drive. The problem with my computer will be remedied, but it’s taking time, and in the meantime, I’m having to do all my work on a laptop, which slows me down considerably.

There is still the Fairy book to come, which I was in the middle of editing when the computer went down. That process, of course, is now in slow-motion. 🙂

Watch for my EBlast regarding the Ebooks and the Fairy book – in the (hopefully) near future!

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