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13 Days Left!

In just 13 days – on Tuesday, March 12 – two Ebooks will disappear from my production shelves!

Voice of the Mother and Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar are being withdrawn in electronic format in thirteen days!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the price both of these downloads have been reduced!


Voice of the Mother

Voice of the Mother

Voice of the Mother – a collection of loving messages received while meditating upon the Great Mother of us all – originally sold as a downloadable ePub book at $6.99, now reduced to $3.33 until March 12 – when it will disappear forever! That’s a reduction of over 50%!!! Start anywhere in this book and the words of loving spirit become part of your consciousness. Turn to these words in times of difficulty, stress, grief, fear or confusion. Her encompassing love will guide you through. (The print version of Voice of the Mother is available for $13.99, at the same link.)


The New Cover

Perennial Pagan Calendar

Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar – a listing of pagan history, celebrations, heroes, martyrs and friends – information for each day in every year, including Leap Year – originally sold as a downloadable ePub book at $9.99, now reduced to $5.55 until March 12 – when it, too, will disappear forever! A reduction of more than 40%!!! (The print version of Witch Daze: a perennial calendar is available for $27.00, at the same link.)



Both of these books will be re-issued – in print only. Neither will ever be offered as a download again. This is your best opportunity to capture these books in an electronic format for your e-Reader!

Visit my storefront today to order and download your copy of these books, or do it through the iBookStore on your iPhone!

Please email me with any questions at



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Prayer Book, per se

What do you need to find in a prayer book? Besides prayers, that is. Would you require instruction of a sort? Perhaps guidance for the use of the prayers included – or even bits of information about praying. Suppose the prayer book is a Goddess prayer book. NOW, what would you expect to find? Prayers to specific Goddesses, or for specific purposes? A calendar?

I remember prayer books of my youth – which included all sorts of extraneous information, relating to prayer and praying. Some were one sentence long, some were two pages long. Some were meant to be sung or intoned. Some were simply responses to a leader’s words. And there were lists of counsel, articles of behavioral guidance, and such.

Some worshipers would rather describe the wordings they murmur as charms (or something else) rather than prayers, and if that’s something you prefer, please leave me a comment here, and your preference will be considered.

I’m thinking of reworking my book, Devotions for the Witch. Some bits will be removed and offered  separately, in ebook format. And there will be other materials added. I’m also hoping to produce it with a coil binding, to make it lay open for easier use. I’d like to change the cover to make it more descriptive of the contents, and your ideas will help me there.

Devotions thumb
Some of the additions I’m considering include:

Ritual Bath meditations, as well as Spiritual Showering (waterless)
Charges of the Goddess
Gestures as well as postures of prayer, according to the many forms of neopaganism
Forms of offerings and sacrifices, and the difference between them
Setting up a home altar, and using it
The consecration of elements, objects and persons
Esbat prayers and procedures
Sabbat prayers and procedures
Circle prayers and procedures

You are invited to add your own list to the above. I promise to fully consider your suggestions in the new edition, which will be forthcoming in 2014.

  • What needs to be in YOUR prayer book?
  • What do you call the words you say in worship?
  • What would you like to see on the new cover?

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Rolling toward the presses once more!

I’m about to complete my 8th book – or is it my 9th? I’ve lost count. Anyway, I’m editing the material I’ve collected for a book to be titled “Never Again. Forever!” This is to be a remembrance of all those who have suffered and perhaps died, having been accused of witchcraft. Many of them (women, men and children) were not witches at all, but they were made to suffer horrific tortures, in order to get them to confess. They were healers, midwives, elderly, poor, landholders, unfriendly, etc., and for one reason or another, their names were given as attendees of witch’s sabbats, or practitioners of the craft itself.

It is my firm belief that we need to keep their sacrifices in the forefront of our minds. If we allow ourselves to forget, or worse, to diminish their suffering, I’m certain we will find ourselves repeating that process. In today’s world, torture is looked upon as a necessary procedure, and is acceptable as long as the victim doesn’t die from it. That’s precisely the mindset that created what we call ‘the burning times’.

I want to digress from the subject matter of the book for just a moment, to talk about my printer/publisher. All of my books have been self-published, through The only books that have reached me in less-than-acceptable condition have been those I didn’t edit properly – so it was my own fault. ONE of the books that Lulu has created for me has become damaged – when the glue-binding didn’t hold. One, in all the books I’ve had done so far. As long as I carefully edit each and every manuscript before I send it electronically to Lulu, the book comes to me looking exactly like a book I’d bought at the store, from a traditional publisher. And it doesn’t cost me a penny, until I want to order a copy of the book.

Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with Lulu. The only drawback I’ve found is that I have to do all the marketing and advertising myself – but from what I hear in the trade, that’s pretty much how traditional publishers are approaching it now. I’ve had book signings (very successful, I must say) and wonderful reviews. I dreamed of being a published author for years, and didn’t have the courage to do anything about it. Then, one day a friend suggested Lulu to me. The pearly gates opened, and I was on the road! I was 70 years old, and a beginner.

I’ve learned quite a bit since then, and I’m still pouring out books. (And I really thought I had only one book in me!)

Back to the new book – it is my hope that everyone who reads this book will be deeply moved by the words in it, that those words touch hearts and minds, causing them to protest any similarities in our times to the pain described.


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Pagan Library in the South?

Several years ago, I’d thought of opening a small pagan shop in my little town. However, my little town is very anti-pagan, and I don’t want to start a religious war around me, so the idea had spluttered to a brief notion.

Lately, however, I’ve been concerned about the number of books I’d already collected to place in such a shop – both new and used. They are filling up needed spaces in my home. I love books, and it distresses me to see them simply crammed into boxes, where no one can touch them, read them, learn from them, etc.

So a new idea has born fruit in my head…

Why not begin collecting materials to be housed in a Pagan Library, for those who do not wish to own the book, but would dearly love to read it? The location of the library is yet to be imagined. When the time comes, that idea will also come forth.

My question to my readers is this:

What books do you think should be NECESSARY in a Pagan Library? I’m open to actual titles, authors, and even to donations, if you choose to go that route.


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The Strega Book, redux

I’ve redone the manuscript to correct it against the Table of Contents, and added the long Handfasting I wrote for Stormy and Fred in the 90s. That, of course changed the page numbering at the Index, so that had to be done, tedious as it is. The new manuscript is completed and waiting.

What’s it waiting for?

Marla is reworking the cover art so I can present it with clearer print for the title and my name. The only way I can get truly professional looking print on the cover is to add the text to a plain, colored background, from Lulu’s font options. Whenever I’ve created a cover with text on it, and it looks really good, then I upload it to Lulu for use, it shows up with wiggly edges. Very unprofessional-looking. I don’t like the look, and I’ve been trying for two years to avoid it, always unsuccessfully.  If you have any of my books, you have seen how it turns out, and you probably don’t like it either. I’ve gone to the trouble of making my covers very large, then reducing the size to fit the book size, and the wiggly edges are there. It looks like something that was very small and then was enlarged beyond its capabilities, when the opposite had been done.

So this time, there will be no text on the cover when I upload it to Lulu, and I’ll add the text portion through Lulu. That option gives me fewer choices of fonts, and the choice of a smaller font for a subtitle is completely gone, unless I determine that I don’t want my name on the front cover. But at least the text will be clear, strong and readable.

Why am I doing this?

I’m about to re-issue A Strega’s Grimoire: The Rituals with an extended distribution package (and a new ISBN number) to get it into the Ingram and Bowker catalogs, so there will be a wholesale price when bookstores order it. I’ve already done that for Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold, and I want the book of rituals to be in the same august company.

I haven’t determined yet whether I want to do the same for the other books. I’d love to hear what you think on the matter. Should I re-issue all my books in this manner, so that they will be more easily available to bookstores and listed in the catalogs from which they order, or should the other books stay the way they are, with private wholesale prices that I control?


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My first book signing – ever!

In preparing for my first book signing, I read everything about the concept I could find, and wrote to many authors asking their advice to a newcomer. I learned that if I were to sell even one book at a signing, considering that I was an unknown author, I should do a happy dance. And consider myself quite fortunate indeed.

I am ecstatic! I sold 16 books at my very first book signing, on a day in the store that was one of their least busy days ever!

My table set-up

I met several wonderful new friends, and made the acquaintance of a charming and knowledgeable store owner. I’ve also been invited back when I have new books to show them.

Kim Truitt, a warm and lovely shop owner - with me

Kim Truitt of Enchanted Earth in Dunedin, Florida, is a lovely woman, who immediately made me feel like an old friend. She’s a hugger, and a woman of great affection. Her shop is decorated beautifully, with artistic displays in every corner of the space. It was like walking into an alternate space.

I’d been advised to bring flowers for the owner, so I stopped along the way to purchase a half dozen white roses, which had exactly the effect I’d hoped. Kim was delighted, and greatly moved that I should have brought her a gift, in addition to a little bag of sundry items, along with catalog pages of my self-published books for her future use.

The customers who came to meet me and buy my books were able to chat in a leisurely way, as Kim had extended the event to three hours from the two originally planned. There were questions, comments and ideas floating all around me for the entire time, from the customers, and in me. All in all, it was a spectacular event, and I’m looking forward to visiting Enchanted Earth again, every time I head south to Florida!

Chatting with customers at Enchanted Earth


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Everything’s Done!

I won’t picture it here. You’ve seen bits and pieces of it all along, but now you’ll have to wait for the event(s) to take place before you see more.

What events, you ask?

Well, I’m pleased to remind you that on April 22, Enchanted Earth in Dunedin, Florida will host a book signing for me, and pictures will be taken there, which will be posted here, on the blog, and on my Facebook pages and my Yahoo fan page as well.

Then, on the 23rd of April, I will be ensconced by many dear friends I’d left behind in Florida when I moved to South Carolina. It will be so great to see them all again, when we will feast and fest to our hearts’ content, far into the night. Pictures will ensue from that event as well.

On the 24th of April – a Sunday – I’ll be garbing up in my beloved Medieval wherewithal, for a journey to Orlando and a visit to Medieval Times. Pictures don’t turn out well in their dark theatre, but we’ll take snaps of our loveliness for you to admire.

After that busy weekend, I’ll rest a while. But not too long.

On the 29th, Celestial Blue Sidhe in Saint Petersburg will host another book signing for me, and there will be more pictures of me signing books and meeting my fans. I can hardly wait! This will be followed by yet another dinner with friends I haven’t seen in years!

On the 30th, FINALLY, the Southeastern Witches Ball Masquerade takes place, and there will be pictures galore of me and my peeps as we dress up for the fun! Then you will finally get to see the entire costume I’ve been creating all this time, on my wonderful self! I just hope it will still fit properly after all those dinners!

I’ll be posting more specific information on the book signings as the time gets closer, but if you want that information now, just leave me a comment and I’ll get it to you right away!

I leave for the sunshine state on the 19th!!!

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Book Signings!

I’m so excited!!

I have two signings booked in Florida during my vacation there at the end of April.

The first is at Enchanted Earth, a lovely little shop with adorable paintings on the walls, the floors and even on the ceiling! It feels so homey, I’ve been told it looks like a place I would have designed, if I’d thought of it. But I didn’t, Kimberly Truitt did, and she’s done a great job. Join me there, at 733 Main Street, Dunedin from 4 pm to 6 pm on Friday, April 22. If you need more information, call Kim at the shop, at 727-216-6594. Her website is at

The second Book Signing is in St. Pete. Carmen Brower, a 5th-generation reader, operates a lovely new shop called Celestial Blue Sidhe, at 2319 Martin Luther King Street North (which I’m told is also 9th Street) on Friday, the 29th of April. We haven’t nailed down the times yet, but I’m pretty certain it will also be from 4 pm to 6 pm. The shop closes at 6, so don’t be late! Carmen’s number, for more information, is 727-623-9912. Look for Celestial Blue Sidhe’s page on Facebook!

I hope to see as many of my friends and fans at one or both of these events as humanly possible! All my books will be there, including the newly-issued edition of my translation of Aradia, Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold, and the newest book, A Strega’s Grimoire: The Rituals.There will also be a drawing for a free copy of The Book Journal.

Drop in and say hello!

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A Strega’s Grimoire: The Rituals

I’m so pleased to announce that my collection of rituals is finally available in printed form! Here’s the lovely cover…

A Strega's Grimoire: The Rituals

The art work of my personal symbol was beautifully accomplished by Leandro Della-Piana, my beloved uncle. I think he did an outstanding job! So much so, that we decided it had to practically stand alone. Marla Davis did the colorization and the texturizing of the background. Lest you be concerned that the title and author aren’t immediately visible, that’s part of my sneaky plan. 😉

I believe that my beautiful symbol, in it’s golden hue, will attract the eye first, and cause a curious person to pick up the book to see what it is. Only then will they truly see the title, although the text on the spine and on the back cover (also textured) is of the same golden color.

So much for the outside. Let’s open the book.

This book collects many years of ritual. Some of it I wrote specifically for friends, or for my own celebrations. Some of the rituals are for a large group, and others are for solitary practitioners. Some are hours long, and some are rather short. Some require a bit of space to perform, and others need only the area in which you stand.

Some of these rituals are especially Italian (or Strega) in flavor, while others are almost Wiccan. (When I wrote for my friends, I had to include their own chosen system in my poetic interpretation of their needs.)

There are Solar Rituals, which are the ones most commonly known; the Sabbats of the year – albeit they are My Sabbats, not everyone’s Sabbats. There are also two Lunar Rituals which I hope you will enjoy. Finally, there is a large collection of Life Passage Rituals, covering several important moments in human life. At the back of the book, I’ve included Appendices that include recipes, instructions, suggestions and lists to aid the smooth production of these rituals.

I’ve made this book available as inexpensively as possible, and you will see that it is also available as a download at a greatly reduced price.  I hope you will take a peek at it, and let me know what you think. Your opinion matters to me. You can see the book at, and you can let me know what you think of it here, or privately at my email address,

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The skirt is done!

I’m starting to get really excited! The skirt turned out much fuller and more colorful than I had thought it would. Just in case you’ve forgotten (or didn’t know) what the original design that inspired me looked like…

I said in the beginning that I was reversing the colors, and I have. I’ve put the yellow at the bottom, an orange in the center, and a lovely raspberry at the top. I’d thought about red, but I liked the raspberry better. So, here is the skirt – only…

Now all I have to do is sew up the bodice and the leaves for the cap sleeves and the leaves that hide the top of the skirt. The bodice comes to a slight point at the front, and has a zipper in back to make it easier to wear. And no boning! Comfort first!!

I’ll used a heavy orange thread to vein the leaves, just to colorize the deep green leaves a little. I’ll probably create all the leaves next, just to get them out of the way, because there are so many. Pictures will ensue, when the leaves are done.

So, what do you think?




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