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Review of “A Religion of One’s Own”

Curiosity led me to pick up A Religion of One’s Own, since I’ve always felt my personal ‘religion’ is one I developed piecemeal, to meet my own innate beliefs. I had to discover what Dr. Moore had to say on the subject. Would he discount my ‘scrapbook spirituality’, or would I find justification within the pages of his book?

There were moments here and there, when I had to slow down my reading, in order to digest the concepts he proffered, and there were other moments when I nearly hollered aloud, “That’s right!”. There were still other moments when I realized tears were welling and my breathing was measured, as I saw my own journey reflected in Dr. Moore’s words. I found answers to perplexities that have confused me for years. I found issues I had put on hold and neglected to take up again.

All in all, I realized that the journey is never-ending. One’s personal spirituality is a living entity within, and must grow, change, and become, even as the holder of such tenets must do. Thomas Moore has created a valuable guide for anyone who seeks an individual truth for spiritual peace. Thank you, Dr. Moore!


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