Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonial of Voice of the Mother:

(by James Lilly, a reader and fan)

This is a book that is very difficult to review. How does one go about reviewing the words of the Blessed Mother Herself!

This is without question the most beautiful and inspiring book that I have ever read. I sat down with the book to read a few pages as I was tired and feeling the tug of sleep. Within a half an hour I was wide awake and in awe. I did not put the book down until I finished it. I only took short breaks to care for the necessities of life.

In this book Patricia Della-Piana delivers the words of the Goddess received through channeling sessions.  The book contains 365 messages from the Goddess. The most beautiful thing about this book is that each message seems as if it were written exclusively for the reader. To me, it was not a book but a love letter from the Goddess.

The Author expressed to me in private correspondence that “Doing this book has assured me that there is a deity watching over us who is simply loving and guiding us, and has no wish to punish us for imaginary ‘sins’. It is my hope that every reader will finally know that a true deity has no need to threaten the faithful.”

I think that this is a very important point. How many times have we wondered what the Goddess really thinks of us and if we have offended her in some way by our human actions? The answers can be found in this beautiful book.

If you are dedicated to the Goddess no matter what the manifestation, this book is essential reading. After reading this book you will no longer be the same. You will come away feeling more loved and blessed than you ever have. Your safety will be assured and you will never feel alone. This book will change your life.

For those who may question the channeling aspect of the book I will say that I have corresponded with the Author for a few years now. I have read countless posts made by her and I can assure you that this is not the words of the Author.

It would be wise to purchase more than one copy of this book as it will be a book that you will turn to over and over again. I have had the book for three days and already I have turned to this book to help me make an important decision. I found the answer that I sought and I am confident that any who read this book will do the same. 

Testimonial of Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold:

(offered by a reader who chooses to remain anonymous)

Just wanted to thank you for Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold!  I was jangled by Leland’s version in some places, many of which you clarified and addressed.  I am only just learning the particulars of The Old Religion, so it must be what I bring from other lifetimes that disallows  the thought of threatening  the Holy Mother or any other deity for that matter. It  twisted in my gut, so reading your words released that, and for that I thank you.

Oh, and the Italian grammar lesson was phenomenal!   I’ve been wanting to  study Italian, and  researching it online, I haven’t encountered that level of detailed information on any site that claims to teach Italian!! Brilliant!


(from a reader who insists upon being quoted anonymously)

The books, “Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold”, and “Devotions for the Witch” just arrived yesterday and I had to tell you that I think they are wonderful!

I am also of Italian descent, I am a first generation Italian American on my father’s side (most of my family is still in Sicily, some are in Rome also), and although I wasn’t able to study/learn magic in Italy, I have always felt close to my family and the traditions so far away.

I read Raven Grimassi’s book, (I have met him in person at PantheaCon, and he doesn’t feel like a “Paisano” to me!) and it just didn’t seem right to me, but your prayer book has really struck a cord [sic] with me, it’s lovely. I was also raised Roman Catholic.

The book “Aradia” has always been close by, ever since I started studying witchcraft, (I have an old hardback I purchased years ago) I am going to take my time going through your book, I’m fascinated to see a new translation.

So forgive me for rambling, but I had to tell you how much I am enjoying your books! Molte grazie!


Review of Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold:

(~review by Lisa Mc Sherry, at

When Charles Godfrey Leland published Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches at the end of the nineteenth century as the crowning product of his Italian researches of the 1880s and 1890s, he believed he was preserving what remained of an ancient but dying tradition before it was too late.

Over the years, a number of authors, scholars and pagans alike, have gone back to Aradia and attempted to clarify or expand on the material Leland presented.  Many of them (most?) were not Italian, or even versed in that language, making any translation or understanding by them immediately suspect.

Finally we have a new translation of this 120-year old book, one that ignores the question “Is the material factual?” in favor of cleaning up the inaccuracies in the text (likely from translation errors) and providing commentary that clarifies what might be meant in terms of the authors’ personal knowledge of Italian culture and superstitions in practice even today.

This is a very well-done, exhaustively annotated, scholarly work. Highly recommended.

Discussion of Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold:

(from Anna Marie Bruciatelli, a reader)

“Too bad Varner is associated with this project. His work on the Leland biography was seriously flawed and blatantly bias against Leland. Unlike his other books, Varner showed poor scholarship here as he allowed his animosity towards Leland to detract from sound scholarly methodology. Still, I look forward to reading and reviewing your book on Aradia.”

Testimonial of The Goddess Book of Psalms:

(from James and Melinda Lilly, readers and fans)

"St. Bonaventure wrote a book of devotion to the Blessed Virgin
Mary titled 'The Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary.'. Not since
then has such a beautiful collection of devotions been penned.
While St. Bonaventure's book was written for Catholics it is
evident that he perceived Mary as a Mother Goddess.
For Pagans no such work has been produced until now. Delia the
Crone is the St. Bonaventure of our time. The Goddess Book of
Psalms is a beautiful collection of prayers, devotions and
petitions to the Pagan Goddess.
Regardless of your Pagan path, this book will inspire you to
new heights of devotion to your Goddess. The book has a multitude
of uses. It will become a constant companion to anyone who writes
their own rituals.
In a world where so many pagan books are repetitious this book
will be a true breath of fresh air. No pagan's bookshelf would
be complete without this book."

Testimonial of The Goddess Book of Psalms:

Linda Esler, Librarian, New Jersey

“One of the few things I envy Jews and Christians is their use of the biblical psalms. Most pagan devotional stuff is, frankly, not as good. The Goddess Book of Psalms comes closer than anything else I’ve read to fill that gap. Some of it parallels the traditional psalms, some is very different, but it is wonderful. I finally have a pagan book for my bedside table that I will be able to use for years. Thank you, Patricia Della-Piana!”

(This review was posted on

Review of The Goddess Book of Psalms:

This review appeared in The Cosmic Cauldron, an Ezine based in Australia:

“If you are a Goddess Worshipper, Stregherian Witch, Dianic, Wiccan or even a Gnostic, then this book is a must have. It deserves pride and a place on your bookshelf.

Not only is it a magnificent book of poetry, but it also can only be described as the gospel according to Patricia. We have all read about the Christian assimilation of ancient paths, traditions and cultures; well, this book turns the tables. It is the Great Mother; The Goddess assimilation of the Catholic and Christian Bible.

A simplistic wandering through some beautiful prose, painted with loving grace. A powerful praising of the Mother. Sophia would be proud.”

(Michael Lee Price, Editor, is known online as Wayfinder)


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