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13 Days Left!

In just 13 days – on Tuesday, March 12 – two Ebooks will disappear from my production shelves!

Voice of the Mother and Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar are being withdrawn in electronic format in thirteen days!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the price both of these downloads have been reduced!


Voice of the Mother

Voice of the Mother

Voice of the Mother – a collection of loving messages received while meditating upon the Great Mother of us all – originally sold as a downloadable ePub book at $6.99, now reduced to $3.33 until March 12 – when it will disappear forever! That’s a reduction of over 50%!!! Start anywhere in this book and the words of loving spirit become part of your consciousness. Turn to these words in times of difficulty, stress, grief, fear or confusion. Her encompassing love will guide you through. (The print version of Voice of the Mother is available for $13.99, at the same link.)


The New Cover

Perennial Pagan Calendar

Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar – a listing of pagan history, celebrations, heroes, martyrs and friends – information for each day in every year, including Leap Year – originally sold as a downloadable ePub book at $9.99, now reduced to $5.55 until March 12 – when it, too, will disappear forever! A reduction of more than 40%!!! (The print version of Witch Daze: a perennial calendar is available for $27.00, at the same link.)



Both of these books will be re-issued – in print only. Neither will ever be offered as a download again. This is your best opportunity to capture these books in an electronic format for your e-Reader!

Visit my storefront today to order and download your copy of these books, or do it through the iBookStore on your iPhone!

Please email me with any questions at deliathecrone@yahoo.com.



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I’ve already mentioned that I will be updating the perennial pagan calendar, Witch Daze, in the coming months. But I will be doing a bit more than that. The book would become so unwieldy that its very size would negate my purpose in publishing it. So, after due consideration, and much confab with friends, I will separate the book into two parts. One will be Witch Daze: Luminaries, Legends and Foes, and the other will be Witch Daze: History and Holidays.

This will be published as two separate volumes – 2 books instead of one – with more material than had been included previously.

Instead of a few lines each day for your input of updated and/or personal information, I will place an entire page of blank lines at the end of each month for the same purpose.

This arrangement will permit a lower retail price for the book, which is now the second most expensive book I’ve published so far. (I’m especially pleased about this.)

Also, I will finally be able to publish the book with a coil binding, which was my original intention. The book got so large, a coil binding wasn’t available for that many pages. I hope that this news is pleasant to your ears, and will be anticipated gleefully.

Let me hear from you regarding these plans, please.

Does the coil binding please you? Will it make the book more useful?

What about a page for personal notes versus a few lines each day? Do you like that idea?

Is separating the book into two a good idea? Which one would you prefer to purchase first – the one with people, or the one with events?


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