I’m writing today to let you know some very important news. The book,
Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs
is available for purchase at, until June 1, 2014 at a pre-launch reduced price, 25% off retail!


You might be aware, by now, that the original book,
Fairy Birth Signs
published in 2012, in FULL COLOR, is a delightful work of fiction, suggesting a different type of birth sign, ‘created’ by the fairy godmother, Mabilla Halvenalf, known in the mundane world as Patricia Della-Piana (yours very truly), and the delightful picture fairy, Astrid Starr, known in the mundane world as Alison Grimshaw.

You may also recall that, unlike the very boring newspaper-type horoscope,
Fairy Birth Signs
actually spread over only a two-week period in time!
That means there are – not 12 – – not 24 – but 28 signs for the full fairy-born year!

On June 1, 2014, the sequel to that gorgeous book will launch.
Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs
gives you a bit more information about your birth sign than the original book
Fairy Birth Signs
did, filling out some details the fairies tried to hide from you.

In the sequel,
Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs
you will find a short list of the kinds of foods usually found in the cupboards of each sign, along with a delicious menu, especially created for the fortunate folk who were born during the reign of that sign, and the recipes to prepare those special dishes!

You will also find a bit describing those folk as seen by their companions, friends, foes, and acquaintances in The Buzz.
(Remember, nothing is written in stone. Anything can be changed, if you believe.)

You will see the kinds of animals, familiars, and pets most commonly adopted by each sign-born. Sometimes no creature is named, but a type is suggested instead.

Finally, an activity of creative endeavor is presented, one that will particularly be appreciated by the sign-born, with instructions to fashion artefacts of such magnificence your eyes will be filled with wonder!

All the beautiful illustrations created by Alison Grimshaw for the first book
Fairy Birth Signs
are included in the sequel
Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs
however, they are no longer in color.
You can purchase copies of the FULL COLOR illustrations, especially the one(s) that describe your own birth sign
or the birth sign of a dear one by writing directly to the talented artist herself. (Her email is listed in the book.)

And all this fabulousness is available NOW – for a very limited time –
for 25% off the regular price

Go take a look now –
before the fairies realize you know!

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May 9, 2014 · 8:53 am

Sign of the Dragon – is that you?

Hello again, Youever!

This is Mabilla once more. You might recall that I am fairy godmother. I chatted with you some days past about the book,
Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs.
I hope you remember.

Today, I’d like to talk about the auspicious birth sign of the Dragon, which hovers ‘round the beings born between August 16 and August 29 – of any (and every) year.

Dragon-born folks are intelligent (you are, right?), pleasant to be with (I think you are, anyway), and have a silver tongue. Now just what does a silver tongue mean? Obviously, when you stick out your tongue, it isn’t made of silver. But your words, when you utter them, are so pleasing to the ears of your listeners, that they believe they are in the presence of something precious – you. You do get yourself into some troubles now and again, but for the most part, you are a creative being. And you leave little notes all over the place.

In the book,
Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs,
the fairies wish to teach you to make your own ink, and a quill pen to dip into that ink! Of course, you will have to find a spectacularly nice little bottle to keep your beautiful ink in, which has a tightly-fitted cover to keep the fairies out of it. (They sometimes drink it, you know.)

You also like exotic foods. At least they seem exotic to you, don’t they? You’re just not happy with plain, ordinary food things. You just have to dress them up a bit. So the fairies have developed a dear little menu just for you, you lucky Dragon! And to show they like you very much, they’ve even included the recipes to make each dish on that menu.

You can find your menu (and recipes) in the book,
Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs,
which is available, you might remember, at and is being offered at 25% off the regular retail price!

Only until June 1, that is.

You’ll have to hustle to get that huge discount. There aren’t many days left before the price goes up to the usual retail amount (which is 25% higher, you know).

Now, if you do go to, you will also find the book,

Fairy Birth Signs,


the original book, that is,

available as well.

Don’t forget – the delicious sequel is available NOW at 25% off the retail price!!!



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Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs

Announcing. . .

The research is done. The spelling has been checked. Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore is now available – only through [:(]- but discounted until June 1 [:)]. (

That’s correct! A 25% discount is waving frantically through your screen, trying to get your attention!

I should show you the cover, just in case . . .

A huge shout-out of thanks my co-author, Alison Grimshaw, who designed the cover as well as the original artwork within the book. Looks great, doesn’t it?

Curious? Make sure you come back and visit soon . . . I’ll be sharing tidbits from Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore in the weeks ahead as we get closer to June 1.

So what’s Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore all about? If you haven’t heard me speak of this before, read on  . . .

Once upon a time, there was a poet. She was a pretty good poet, and all her friends told her so. That made her very happy. But something was missing. There was no fantasy in her life – and she did so much want a little make-believe, here and there. When she was invited to join a Fairy LARP (Live Action Role Playing) group, she hesitated only a moment, wondering if her lack of Fairy-ism could be overcome.

Huzzah! and Hooray! She took the form of a Fairy Godmother, and relished the role. A conscientious FG, she immediately began producing works of great relevance to her sister-fairies, the elves (even the dark elves), and the human folk on the other side of the mist. An alphabet was the first work – one must have letters before one can have poems, or any written thing else – true? And then she wrote the horoscope-like birth signs, previously known only to the Fairies.

And so, when the time was right, Fairy Birth Signs was born. And it was an adorable thing, filled with amazing color pictures illustrating all the details of each birth sign. She was very happy now.

The fairies, however, chided her for neglecting a few additional traits that should have been included for each sign; for instance . . .

What foods should you serve to a Raven-born friend? What animals are you likely to find near a Forest-born? How would a Mushroom-born present himself – or herself? Is there a craft or activity that will greatly please someone born under the sign of the Eagle?

Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore answers those questions . . . and more! Every sign, which covers only a two-week period, a sample menu it presented, along with the recipes to conjure that menu from out of the mist of the Fae directly to your table. Now you can regale your dinner companions with foods the fairies know are their favorites!

More than that, your friends’ favorite animal companions are right there in front of your eyes! There are no more secrets! Let them deny it if they will. You’ll know the truth!

For even more secret-slashing, an activity of creative nature accompanies each sign, as whispered to me by the fairies. They assure me they have seen humans born under those signs actually indulging in just those activities!

The Appendix offers a list of homemade ingredients you may need for some of the activities listed.

And along the way, I’ve identified many of my fellow players, next to their appropriate birth signs. Players from LORE (Legends of Reality, Enacted) and from KIN (Kingdom of Interesting Neighbors).

To placate the angry Fae at the foot of my bed, I completed Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore: Being a Continuation of Fairy Birth Signs. I hope they’re happy now; at least they’re not biting my toes anymore. And you can have that bit of Fairy Wisdom in your hands! At 25% Off!

Now you know all about Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore, and I remind you of the very special place where you can buy it, and Fairy Birth Signs, as well, if you haven’t seen it yet. (

You might prefer to own just Fairy Birth Signs, Furthermore, and forego the original book, Fairy Birth Signs. The fairies may shake their heads, but as long as they don’t bite your toes . . .

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A review from one of my collaborators…

My dear friend, Edouard Mons, who contributed several poems for the book, Never Again … Forever!, recently sent me his first impressions of the book. Edouard is a student at university in France.

Patricia, I received the book this morning! I have to tell you how proud I am to be part of this project. The book you created is fantastic! Greatly designed, and the writings are all deep and amazing. I’m really moved by this.

You know, in this book you spread tolerance, and this is so important to me.  I used to say to people that I had Christian, Jewish and Muslim roots… so they could see that people could mix and love each other. The truth is that I’m pure Italian-French, but saying to some people that I was part Jewish, part Muslim and part Christian was my way of spreading tolerance. It was fun and I hope it worked.

With this book, you help people become tolerant towards witches, and it is brilliantly done. Many blessings to you Patricia.

I’m so very happy that my collaborator admires the book in which he finds his work. (big sigh of pleasure)

Image     visit

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We pause for an important – and personal – notice…

Sometime in mid-July, I will become a great-grandmother for the first time (blood-wise), thanks to my handsome grandson, Bryon Robbins, and his lovely wife, Ally! I’m riding on clouds!!! It may just be a girl, and if it is, they will name her Madellyn Rose Robbins. How delightful!



I love you both !


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Pagan Pride 2014

YAY! Augusta Georgia will have a Pagan Pride Celebration this year!! It will be held on Saturday, October 4, from 10 am until 5 pm, at the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam.

I’ll be there with bells on – with several of my books, and I’ll also be facilitating 2-3 workshops during the day. I’m SO excited – aren’t you?

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If I Ever Lose My Faith In You


“If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”
~ Sting ~

You could say I lost my faith in science and progress
You could say I lost my belief in the holy church
You could say I lost my sense of direction
You could say all of this and worse but

If I ever lose my faith in you
There’d be nothing left for me to do

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world
You could say I lost my faith in the people on TV
You could say I’d lost my belief in our politicians
They all seemed like game show hosts to me

If I ever lose my faith in you
There’d be nothing left for me to do

I could be lost inside their lies without a trace
But every time I close my eyes I see your face

I never saw no miracle of science
That didn’t go from a blessing to a curse
I never saw no military solution
That didn’t always end up as something worse but
Let me say this first

If I ever lose my faith in you
There’d be nothing left for me to do

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Review of “A Religion of One’s Own”

Curiosity led me to pick up A Religion of One’s Own, since I’ve always felt my personal ‘religion’ is one I developed piecemeal, to meet my own innate beliefs. I had to discover what Dr. Moore had to say on the subject. Would he discount my ‘scrapbook spirituality’, or would I find justification within the pages of his book?

There were moments here and there, when I had to slow down my reading, in order to digest the concepts he proffered, and there were other moments when I nearly hollered aloud, “That’s right!”. There were still other moments when I realized tears were welling and my breathing was measured, as I saw my own journey reflected in Dr. Moore’s words. I found answers to perplexities that have confused me for years. I found issues I had put on hold and neglected to take up again.

All in all, I realized that the journey is never-ending. One’s personal spirituality is a living entity within, and must grow, change, and become, even as the holder of such tenets must do. Thomas Moore has created a valuable guide for anyone who seeks an individual truth for spiritual peace. Thank you, Dr. Moore!

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Book Giveaway!!!

The Goddess Book of Psalms by Patricia Della-Piana

Seven (7) books will be given away! (Winners will be chosen by Goodreads)
            Giveaway ends December 31, 2013
            Sign up at Goodreads. <;
Enter to win!
Awaken your spirituality with words you’ve always known, now composed in psalm format, that will echo the depth of your devotion to the Goddess.



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Readers: How You Can Help Your Favorite Authors

Forwarded from an article by Penny C. Sansevieri, Editor (edited for appropriateness)
. . .  Often readers want to help, but aren’t really sure what to do. Also, there’s a bit of a mystique around authors. Many readers think, “Well, the book has been published, they probably don’t need my help.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Authors (especially those who are starting out) do need our help. Here are a few things you can do to help support your favorite author.
* Review the book: Readers are some of the best resources for reviews. I’m surprised that many readers don’t do this, it’s not because they’re lazy but because they wonder if their opinion matters. Guess what? It does! Like a book? Please review it. Even if you don’t like it review it, too. Most authors welcome feedback if it’s constructive. Always be positive.
* Photo sharing: A reader holding up my book, snapping a picture and posting it on social media! This is a fun, visual way to share your love for a book. Even better, snap a picture where you’re reading it. Taking a book on vacation? Why not show yourself enjoying the book (cover out!) reclining in a hammock or sitting somewhere sipping espresso (Paris?). If you don’t have any travel planned, take a picture anyway.
* Local bookstores: Though it may seem like every author who is published gets a shot at bookstore shelf space, the truth is that most don’t. If you’ve found a book you love and had to buy it on Amazon because your local store didn’t carry it, tell them. Bookstore managers have (said) if they get multiple requests for a book they will consider stocking it.
* Reading groups: Unlike The Pulpwood Queens which has a website and a strong online presence, most local book clubs don’t have that kind of exposure but their regional reach can be fantastic. If you know of a local book club let them know about this book and then put them in touch with the author. It’s a quick thing to do and I speak from experience when I say that any author would be very, very grateful to have this kind of a connection.
* Buy the book for a friend: This is pretty basic. If you love the book you just read, buy a copy for a friend. I do this almost every year for Christmas. If I love a book, I gift it. When you gift it, remind the person to review it.
* Social Media: Sharing has become part of our lives. We share good and bad news but when was the last time you shared what you are reading? Here’s where that great picture you just took of you reading a book can come in handy. Or even better, hop on over to Goodreads or Library Thing and share your love for this author to the millions listening there.
* Bookmarks: Most authors will get things printed up like bookmarks, postcards, etc. Bookmarks are especially fun because despite the eBook surge, many of us are still reading printed books. Email the author and see if he or she will send you a stack of them that you can share with your local library or bookstore. Leave them at the counter or pop them inside similar books. Sort of like Amazon’s “Other customers also bought” which pairs up similar titles. Again, this takes very little effort. Ask for the bookmarks and the next time you’re at a bookstore drop them off. Easy and the authors will really appreciate the local exposure.
* Authors on tour: It’s not often that authors tour anymore but if you have someone coming to your area why not offer to help them get the word out? Maybe drop off fliers, or if you are so inclined, call your local paper and let them know this author is coming to town and as a reader, you’d love for the paper to do a story on it. Getting a heads-up about an author coming to town from a reader can be ten times more effective than even a well-polished pitch. Why? Because the media is serving the local community and if a resident is sharing an idea, they’re bound to listen.
* Libraries: Authors can have a tough time getting into libraries so why not buy an extra book and donate it? Then let the author know that you did this so they can let readers know where they can check out the book at a local library. I know most authors would love to have a reader do this. It’s impossible to reach everyone and most authors don’t have the budget to do a library pitch on top of everything else. Many will submit their books to publications librarians read and hope for the best. Having a local connection is a fantastic way to get a book some local exposure.
When I’ve offered these tips in a session sometimes someone will pop up and say, “But big named authors don’t need this kind of help.” That’s possibly quite true, but if you’re only reading big names you’re missing out on a whole crop of wonderful new writers. And, candidly, most authors, no matter how big they are will appreciate the help. The publishing world isn’t just shrinking for the little guy, it’s shrinking for every author. As a reader, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference and help out an author who has poured his or her heart and soul into a book.

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